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Easy Lead Generation? I’m ALL in!

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In the thirteen years I have coached at Buffini & Company, I have yet to have one client say, “I can’t wait to start my Lead Generation Activities, Coach!” However, everyone I work with is in a profession that requires them to generate leads in order to be successful, so it’s my job to help my clients find ways to get these activities accomplished as painlessly as possible.

Because Working by Referral offers a “buffet” of lead generation activities, it’s fairly easy to find a few that produce great results for the individuals I work with based on their personalities and work styles. But one in particular seems to work for almost everybody, because most real estate professionals are already “half-way there,” without even trying. Plus, it offers a great ROI and requires less time and effort than many other lead generation activities.

I’m talking about Business-to-Business marketing!

Have you ever given referrals to other business owners, people you put your name to, people you trust to serve your clients, your “go-to guy or gal,” who don’t send you referrals in kind? You may have thought that they should automatically know to send you referrals back and felt disappointed and frustrated with the lack of reciprocity. This is exactly when to begin building your Business-to-Business marketing system, and the way I see it, you’re already “half-way there!” All you have to do is become more intentional about applying the same principles to your business database that you already do with the rest of your relationships.

You likely have a list of tradespeople you refer to your clients, like plumbers, roofers, landscapers, and electricians. If you don’t already have this list entered into your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), now is the perfect time to make it official and get them into your database.

If you’re new to the business, new to the area, or if you currently don’t know any vendors to refer, I would encourage you to start getting to know other business owners through networking groups like the local Chamber of Commerce, BNI (Business Network International), and other professional groups. Find one or two new professionals to connect with at each meeting and invite them to coffee or lunch to deepen the relationship. Check out our free resources on Mastering B2B Networking here.

Once you have your vendor list organized, updated, and entered into your CRM, then you want to start making contact with each person on the list and arrange to meet them one-on-one. As business owners, time is our greatest resource, so ask them to meet you for coffee before working hours, during lunch since they likely have that break in their day automatically, or even for a beverage after work hours. Getting face-to-face is key! Want a dialogue to help you easily initiate this conversation? Click here.

Many business owners are great at what they do, but might not necessarily be great at business. This is where you come in. Because you Work by Referral, you bring great value to your business-to-business relationships. Explain how you run your business, how part of the service you provide your clients is to connect them with people you trust, and that they are one of these people. Let them know that you intentionally refer them because you want to provide your clients with an outstanding vendor and also because you want to play a role in supporting the success of their business.

This is where the Give, Ask, Receive principle of Working by Referral comes into play. When you give to others, people want to give back but most don’t know how. When you explain how to send you referrals and how they should receive your referrals, most people are going to be on board immediately because an obvious win-win. For more B2B networking resources, click here .

As a coach I expect Business-to-Business to become a part of my client’s weekly minimum standards. It can truly be an easy and fun way to generate leads. All you’re asking is how you can help their business. Who wouldn’t welcome that question in their day? Remember to show them how they can help your business at the same time. One quick lunch can produce an incredible ROI that keeps giving for years to come. So, get out there and become the hub of your own business network!


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