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Find Your Niche; Achieve Success

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start a business is trying to be everything to everyone. Instead of focusing on one or two things that will get them to the next level, they spread themselves too thin and end up burning out. According to former NBA player and notable motivational speaker, Walter Bond, “It’s important to own a niche.”

When Walter left the NBA and started his own business, he fell into the same trap. As a result, he felt really scattered. His wife encouraged him to find one thing he enjoyed and focus on that. Over the course of a week, that’s all he thought about. Then, Walter remembered his college basketball coach praising him for the rousing motivational speech he gave at the end-of-the-season celebration. That settled it; he was going to focus on speaking and presenting to share the lessons he’s learned with other people striving to succeed.

Focus has power. “The more focused we get, the more power we generate,” Walter says. Once you define your niche, everything you do should complement it. After all, the most successful people have a core niche and then create products, services and businesses that support their niche.

And, what if you find a niche and it fails? Walter says both successful people and those who fail are driven by the same thing: fear. However, those who fail allow the fear to paralyze them. If their first venture fails, they’re more likely to quit. Successful people recognize the fear and use it to their advantage. If their first venture fails, they’ll learn from it and apply those lessons next time…and the next time, etc. until they achieve success.

So, what’s your niche? Listen to episode #114 of It’s a Good Life to hear Walter Bond share his tips for success and inspire you to succeed. Click here to listen.

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