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Finish First – an Interview with Scott Hamilton

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We all experience setbacks from time to time. One setback is frustrating; however, when we experience more than one at the same time, it can make us feel like the world’s biggest failure. At this point, many people feel tempted to give up.

In his new book, “Finish First: Winning Changes Everything,” Olympic Champion, Scott Hamilton, makes the case for failure and offers his best advice for recovering after multiple setbacks. First, he explains that failure is feedback. It’s not personal; it’s helping you refine your process so you can achieve lasting success. Second, it’s important to lean into your talents and strengths. Ask yourself: Who am I today? Then, assess all the things that may be preventing you from being who you want to be.

In the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life,” Scott shares his experience with failure and setbacks. When Scott was competing in figure skating competitions, he struggled with the compulsory competitions. He felt they were boring and this was preventing him from achieving his potential. At the beginning of his career, it was where he had the most difficulty and he came in last place in many competitions. But, he worked through the struggles and eventually realized that the compulsory competition helped him master the fundamentals. The fundamentals are not only critical for competition, they’re essential for doing the fun stuff. Scott Hamilton is known for doing a backflip in competition; had he not mastered the fundamentals of skating, he never would have had the strength to complete the backflip and become world champion. He leveraged the fundamentals to help him tap into his natural gifts and talents, and this motivated him to continue competing.

So, how can you leverage the fundamentals and reveal your best self? Listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life and listen to Brian’s full interview with Scott Hamilton. Click here to listen.

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