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Finish the Year Strong

Finish the Year Strong

Brian Buffini’s Mid-Year Bold Predictions 2024 registration is now open. Has there ever been a more complex time in the real estate industry? Brian will give you the inside scoop on what’s taking place behind the numbers at 10 a.m. PT on July 22. Register now.

The autumn is the time for professionals to get back to their routines. It is time to focus on the business blueprint and fundamentals to finish off the year strong. Get back to your clearly defined priorities with your business plan, SMART goals, execution on your action plans and monitoring and measuring your success targets.

By revisiting your business plan and SMART goals you will be able to assess your progress. Reviewing this area with your Business Coach will give you objective insight to celebrate your victories and progress. In addition, it will allow you to know, with a clear vision, what you need to do in order to further accomplish your plan. Whatever gets written down gets done. So take your prioritized goals and write them out on the front page of your day planner, journal or anywhere you will visually see your goals on a daily basis. By writing your goals you’re creating a blueprint of what you need to focus on to stay on track for this important season of the year. Having your goals in front of you on a consistent basis will help you to crystallize what needs to be done and where you want to spend your time.

Joe Niego likes to say, “Real Estate rewards action.” Based on your goals, you will have a clear picture of what your proactivity level needs to be to hit your targets. Plan your day, plan the week and work the plan. Make it non-negotiable that you accomplish the right things with the right people. With all of your business activities, ask yourself, ‘Is this the highest and best use of my time?’ One of the best things you can do is go into the Referral Maker and check out your Purchase Anniversary Report. Along with your A+ clients, these people will be great pop by candidates. You already served them at a high level so they respect and like you even if you had any challenges during the transaction. Most likely they have forgotten about it and are now thrilled that they are moved into their new home and now have stability in their lives. They will be happy to see you and you will be surprised at how many of them are considering doing renovations and improvements to their new homes. This is an opportunity for you to provide value to them with referrals to your service providers. In addition, many people in the last four years have settled for purchasing a home that was not really their ‘ideal home’. This occurred because many markets had been experiencing tight inventories which in turn gave them fewer options. With the growth of the market they also have some equity in their home and many will now want to sell.

Be sure to document your activity level regularly so that you can see your progress. Remember, it is a series of activities that you consistently perform at an optimal level that will result in a greater impact to your bottom line in your business.


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