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Get Motivated to Thrive by Retaking Peak Producers

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Whether you’re new to real estate or are a seasoned veteran, professional training is essential to your success. After all, if you want to serve your clients well, you have to keep your skills on point. Peak Producers® was developed to help agents take control of their businesses and generate more leads by leaning into existing relationships. The skills and strategies learned during the three month course have resulted in students averaging twelve transactions respectively.1

You may be thinking, “But I already took Peak Producers—I’m good.” However, the best way to get the most out of a training program is to take it again. Peak Producers is so packed with information that you’re sure to learn something new each time you take it.

Reignite your drive to succeed.

It’s difficult to do your daily proactive lead generating activities when you’re feeling unmotivated or disconnected from your goals. Even if you developed great habits when you took Peak Producers the first time, some bad habits may have creeped in over time. Taking it again will reignite your motivation for your business and help you remember why you got into real estate in the first place.

peak_producers_logo1Reconnect to the Referral System

It’s also easy to veer off-course from the system when you get busy or experience a setback. Although you may have been on a roll generating leads when you finished Peak Producers the first time, you may have lost momentum and need something to get you back on track.

Taking Peak Producers again will reaffirm your commitment to the referral system. The weekly lessons will remind you of the basic tenants of the system and motivate you to get in touch with your clients and ask for referrals.

What will you learn this time around?

You’re in a different place in your career than you may have been the first time you took Peak Producers training. Thus, your experiences may influence what you take away from the training this time around. For example, if you recently dealt with a difficult negotiation during a transaction, you may hone in on the section that offers negotiation tips and strategies. If you have buyers who are on the fence, you may pay more attention to the section that outlines ways to motivate them to action.

Reap the benefits of Peak Producers training again.

You’ll get the strategies you need to generate more leads, all while increasing your revenue. What better way to boost your sales and income than to register for another round of training? Learn more about Peak Producers and take advantage of instant savings when you sign up.

Source: 1. Buffini & Company


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