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Give, Ask, Receive

Brian Buffini’s Mid-Year Bold Predictions 2024 registration is now open. Has there ever been a more complex time in the real estate industry? Brian will give you the inside scoop on what’s taking place behind the numbers at 10 a.m. PT on July 22. Register now.

For those of you who that have attended any of Buffini & Company’s events, you may recognize this phrase as Brian’s description for “The Rhythm of a Referral.” The beats break down like this: GIVE excellent service, ASK for a referral, RECEIVE from your database (loyalty, referrals, etc.) Over time, I have come to believe that this outwardly focused way of thinking (Give, Ask, Receive) should also be applied as you participate in your monthly Buffini Groups meeting. You see, many people think their Group is a place for them to go and receive from first…a “What can I get from this meeting?” mindset.

buffini-groupI would encourage you to come to your monthly meetings with a different mindset; one of giving rather than receiving. What does a giving mindset look like in a Buffini Group setting? Well, I’ll break it down like this: If you GIVE good energy, a great attitude, your attention to others as they share, and of course the best ideas and best practices you use in your business, then you’re primed to receive more than you could ever imagine!

Brian has asked audiences this question many times: “What happens when you give to a giver?” The answer is: They give back! So, as a Buffini Group Member who is intent on giving, the response you will inevitably get back is from another giver and you’ll be receiving without even asking. What an amazing gift! The exchange of ideas and great support from your fellow Members is one of the best ways to spend a couple of hours each month. Think of it as your community service, but a judge does not require it and the rewards are much better!

If you aren’t already a Member of a Buffini Group, GIVE it a try!

Sharing the Good Life!

Melanie Eric

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