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How to Have a Great Second Half of the Year—Be FAT!

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Do you REALLY want to have a great second half of the year this year? I could give you all of the rah-rah speeches, inspirational and motivational videos, etc. Although they could help sustain you for a little, if you really want to achieve your highest level possible, you’ve got to make a commitment to be FAT! What does that mean? Do I get to break out the Doritos and ice cream and just let myself go? Well no, not exactly.

Summer is here and the tendency of a lot of folks is to slack off a little, or a lot, as they go on vacation and have fun with their family and friends. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but the danger in letting your foot off the gas too much is you risk not meeting or exceeding those precious business goals that you set at the beginning of the year.

My father was a very wise man and he was a huge inspiration in teaching me and countless others on a one-on-one basis. When I asked him what he looks for in his “students,” he said that they need to be FAT—faithful, available, and teachable. He said if they were a know-it-all he couldn’t teach them anything because they knew it all already. If they weren’t willing to show up on a fairly regular basis and really make an effort to implement what they talked about, it would all be for not. Conversely, if they were truly “FAT” it would pay off in big time dividends towards that individual’s growth and maturity in the long run.

If you’re ready to change your strategy and make some adjustments to create more of a winning situation in your business and life for the second half and beyond, let’s break down some of these elements of success in a practical way:

  • Faithful: Having or showing true and constant support or loyalty; deserving trust and keeping your promises-doing what you are supposed to do.

Are you willing to exude a “Golden Retriever type of loyalty” to your business Coach and the Coaching process and commit to doing your action steps the second half of the year? No more broken promises; let him or her know that you’re recommitting to being “true blue” and put some skin in the game to prove it. Accountability is always the key ingredient towards pushing us towards our goals and making it happen.

  • Available: Able to be used or obtained; unoccupied; at someone’s disposal; free to do something.

At the Long Beach Success Tour, Magic Johnson stated, “the great ones want to be Coached and put themselves in a position to get better and be better” by focusing on their goals and freeing themselves up from any and all distractions that could possibly get in the way. Are you “unoccupied” and free to be used in a productive way, or are you allowing the constant distractions to consume you? As Joe Niego would say, “Stop being a master of mass distraction” and start showing up to your Coaching calls willing and able to focus on the key initiatives that you and your Coach agree upon for the next 6 months. Not everything is an emergency!

  • Teachable: Able and willing to learn; capable of being taught; allowing something to be taught or learned easily.

At The Peak Experience this year, Brian Buffini started off with instruction as one of the 5 keys to mastery. He used a brilliant quote, “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” Are you keeping an open heart and mind in allowing your Coach to light the way for you and teach you some things or are you just hearing that “wah wah” noise like Charlie Brown would hear from his teacher? One of the things I recall Darren Hardy saying at MasterMind last year was that people need to be reminded more than educated. Are you allowing your Coach to remind you of those things necessary for you to be successful?

I dare you to tell your Coach that you are committed to being FAT in the second half of the year. I dare you to pick one activity, such as Pop-Bys, and do them consistently for 10 weeks. Break out the sunscreen, put the kids in the car, and let’s show the world your work ethic and how you can have fun in your business and be “productive busy” at the same time!


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