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Sales often gets a bad rap but, when it’s done right, it can be the best thing in the world. Here are three guiding principles that will help you improve your sales strategy, provide exemplary service to your clients and achieve phenomenal success, today:

People buy emotionally and justify logically

Making a big purchase like a home isn’t just a financial transaction, it’s an emotional rollercoaster! Fear, hope, ambition – your customers will experience it all, sometimes all at once. Being great at sales means being able to recognize and help people navigate these emotions and ultimately reach their goals. If someone is fearful, for example, it’s important to acknowledge and understand how they feel, provide facts and perspective to counter their fear and then put a plan in place to help them confidently move forward. By meeting both the emotional and the transactional needs of your customers, you will create loyal advocates who’ll know they can always count on you. Remember – people buy emotionally and justify logically.

Facts tell, but stories sell

Many salespeople focus solely on delivering the facts to their customers. Facts are important, of course, but the truth is that people often respond better to stories that illustrate facts rather than just cold, hard facts themselves. If you want your customers to invest in you, you need to tell stories about you and your business in a way that they can connect with and see themselves in. Have you a real-life tale of how you helped someone succeed against the odds and overcome adversity to reach their goals, for example? Bear in mind that your stories need to be multidimensional, multicultural and multigenerational if they’re to reflect the entirety of your customer base. Remember, when people truly relate to a story, they will be moved to action. Facts are important, but it’s the stories that reach us.

People need help making decisions

In business and in life, people always follow the path of strongest conviction. If you’re passionate about your business, you’ll naturally convey that enthusiasm to your customers and in turn they will confidently follow your lead. A great acrostic to remember as a professional providing the highest levels of care and service to customers is ‘IASM’ – I Am Sold Myself. This doesn’t mean you should ever be pushy, or force anyone into a decision, but part of your job as a professional salesperson is helping your customers come to the right decision at the right time. It’s OK to ask if they’re ready to decide or if they’d like to move forward. Remember, people sometimes need a necessary nudge. A good salesperson will help bring clients to a conclusion.

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