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How to Beat Stress and Anxiety Once and For All

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Levels of stress and anxiety are reaching new highs these days. Chances are you’ve experienced this in your own life — when times are tough, it’s difficult to keep spirits lifted.

In his latest book, “The Garden,” positivity master Jon Gordon explains why this phenomenon is happening, and how we can stay peaceful during dark times. “The Garden” is a spiritual fable that introduces readers to the five D’s that wreak havoc on us in everyday life, causing this stress and anxiety to take over. He then offers the ways in which people can counter these negative experiences with more positive ones.

Jon Gordon shared these five D’s in a recent interview on “It’s a Good Life.” Here’s a look at these concepts, and Gordon’s response to how you can flip them to beat stress and anxiety once and for all.

  1. Doubt — Fear makes it so that we do not know who and what to believe. Gordon says instead of spreading doubt, we must embrace trust. Trust in your faith, your family and the kindness of others.
  1. Distort — Oftentimes the media and our leaders can distort facts and truth. We even distort our own thoughts to take on a negative slant. Instead of giving into the distortion, seek the truth and speak this truth to any lies. 
  1. Discourage — When the going gets tough, it’s all too easy to give up on our dreams and ambitions. Instead of getting discouraged, Gordon says to get encouraged. Instill courage into others and learn to find courage in yourself.
  1. Distraction — With so much tech out there, we can often get wrapped up into negative media cycles or flashy trends that distract us from matters of the heart. If you find yourself getting distracted, look for ways to reconnect with what matters. Immerse yourself in personal growth content and dive into your faith.
  1. Divided — The goal of any enemy is to divide forces of good. When we become divided, Gordon explains that we lose hope, trust and faith. Instead build relationships with your loved ones and those around you. Look for ways to be a positive influence and share these ideas.

When you are able to stand up against the five D’s, you will find more happiness, joy and peace in your life. To learn more about how to get there, check out Jon Gordon on the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life.”

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