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How to Increase Your Personal Value

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Did you know you’re a diamond? A diamond in the rough perhaps, but a diamond nonetheless. In our day and age, technology gives us all the information we could ever imagine, but we’re starving for true wisdom. Unfortunately, in order to reveal the diamond, we have to cultivate wisdom. That’s where personal growth comes in. If you want to increase your value as a person and a professional, the first place to start is with self-development.

It all began with Russell Conwell, who wrote the book, “Acres of Diamonds.” He influenced other legends of personal development such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Dorothea Brande, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy. And their work has since influenced millions of people in the U.S. and abroad.

To gain wisdom, immerse yourself in personal growth. Read the work of the legends… and then read them again to glean something new. Instead of watching the latest viral YouTube video, seek out videos of personal growth legends like Earl Nightingale or Og Mandino. Take notes and look for ways to incorporate the lessons into your own business and life.

Next, set goals. Goals keep you in line with your priorities and on track with the life you want to lead; they help keep you focused when you might otherwise be distracted by the unimportant stuff going on around you. Ten-day, 10-month and 5-year goals help you create successful habits and live the good life.

No one succeeds on their own; get help. Les Brown said, “Ask for help not because you are weak but because you want to remain strong.” Get a mentor to inspire you and apply the lessons they’ve learned to your own situation. Lean into someone who can hold you accountable to your goals and offer unbiased advice.

Also, find your community. When you surround yourself with other ambitious professionals, you’ll find that you become more ambitious as well. Find your tribe and learn and grow from being in the company of others.

Finally, be intentional about your priorities. Your priorities will give you a place to focus your time and energy for the day. Create goals for all five circles of your life: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. When you succeed in one area, this success spills into other areas of your life as well. As a result, you’ll be less likely to succumb to distractions.

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