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Join us in San Diego for MasterMind Summit 2023!

Mastermind summit

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Buffini & Company’s two-day personal growth event will inspire and challenge you to become the best version of yourself.   

August is still months away, but the buzz has already started for one of Buffini & Company’s most highly anticipated annual events, MasterMind Summit. This event, to be held this year on Wednesday, Aug. 9 and Thursday, Aug. 10, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, offers an unparalleled roster of speakers and interactive sessions designed to inspire, motivate and challenge your self-limiting perceptions. Leading the way will be Brian Buffini, the legendary founder and chairman of Buffini & Company, North America’s top training and coaching company.   

Get Ready to Transform Your Life

It’s not just hyperbole — MasterMind will transform your life! Over the course of the two days you will learn clear-cut strategic ideas that you can use immediately as you strive to reach your goals.

Diane Day, the president and county manager for Fidelity National Title Agency in Phoenix, attended the 2022 session.  

“The best part about MasterMind is the takeaways and it’s so practical,” she said. “There’s always nuggets that I take away and that I can put into my life and make it better.”

“MasterMind really started that thought process with how powerful goal writing is and the benefits and how it just again, stretches you beyond your wildest imagination of what you can really achieve,” she added.

Inspiration for Every Stage of Your Life

Although Buffini & Company’s primary clients are in real estate, the lessons and strategies shared at MasterMind will benefit anyone, no matter what industry they are in.    

Drew Harris is a financial advisor from Dallas who has been to six MasterMinds.

“MasterMind to me is like a refresher for my energy, it’s a refresh on perspective, it’s a refresh on just life and maybe some key areas that I’m missing out on,” he said. 

Sonia Leonard noted that she and her husband have found value attending together.

“I look at it as just a chance to involve my husband in something that I’m immersed in every day. If he comes with me to this, then we share it together. It just gives us an opportunity to talk about it together and build our goals and dreams together based on something that we have in common,” she said.   

Many families bring their children and grandchildren to the event so that they too can experience the incredibly positive content.

“If they can get started, especially at an early age as they’re thinking about their life and setting their goals in their own minds then, what an impact,” Michael Tranckino noted. “I think it could be life-changing for kids.”

Connect With Like-Minded People

At MasterMind Summit you will be surrounded by people like yourself, who are committed to becoming their best versions. You will feed off the energy and excitement of others, which will inspire you to renew your commitment to your goals.

Noelle Banks, who with her husband Brad, attended the MasterMind in 2022. The couple work together as real estate agents in the metro Atlanta area.

“I think MasterMind is such a great personal growth opportunity. Not only to hear from great speakers but the fundamentals that Brian is constantly teaching us. Bonding and really deepening relationships with some of the best people I know out there in the world, honestly,” she said.

World-Class Speakers

Since its inception, MasterMind has featured an amazing roster of world-class speakers who shared their deeply personal stories of overcoming adversity before finding success. This year’s roster is no exception — these leaders are ready to embolden you to reach your own dreams as well. They will offer strategic advice that will help you push through tough times, embrace positivity, increase your confidence, improve your wealth and create other major changes in your life.

This year’s speakers include:

  • Brian Buffini – The legendary founder and chairman of Buffini & Company always brings attendees to their feet with his inspiring and thought-provoking commentary on how to live your best life. 
  • Amanda Gore — A physiotherapist with a major in psychology and a master practitioner of neurolinguistics, she is an expert on leadership, communication, relationships, lifestyle and stress.  
  • Bo Eason — A former football player, who has also been an actor, playwright, author and is now a motivational speaker.
  • Bill Hampton — The senior executive vice president of Spartan Capital Group, Hampton provides tailor-made executive search and consulting solutions for companies throughout North America.
  • Neil Pasricha — The former director of leadership at Walmart Inc., Pasricha is the author of the New York Times bestsellers “The Book of Awesome” and “The Happiness Equation” as well as the 50-million-hit, award-winning blog 1000 Awesome Things.

Enjoy All San Diego Has to Offer

When you are not attending a session, you and your family can explore the many attractions in San Diego. Highlights include stunning beaches, the USS Midway Museum, the world-class San Diego Zoo and great dining in the nation’s largest Little Italy.  

If you have already signed up for this year’s MasterMind, encourage others to join you. Seating is limited, and the event will sell out! For more information visit www.buffini.com/mm. We hope to see you there!  


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