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“I don’t like that.” This is a phrase I have heard a lot lately from my 3 year old at the dinner table. It is maddening since I know she liked the broccoli we had last week. So, why the sudden distaste for the little green tree-like veggie??

Is it possible to be suddenly be turned off to something so quickly? The answer is YES! So that got me thinking…..if I can suddenly dislike something I liked for so long, is it possible to suddenly LIKE something I’ve disliked as well??

Case in point (and this is going to sound silly): Gilmore Girls. That’s right, the early 2000’s show about a mother and daughter living life hopped up on caffeine. I watched one episode of that show in its first run. I. did. not. like. it. So, from that day forward when my good friend would go on and on about the happenings in Stars Hollow I would roll my eyes and say “I don’t like it”.

Well, recently one evening, I was trying to find something to watch while the hubs was at a meeting (we aren’t allowed to watch our mutual shows while the other is not present. #marriagerules) I stumbled on to the complete seven season anthology of, you guessed it, Gilmore Girls. My old programming came began its loop as I reluctantly pressed play on my Netflix. “Meh, I don’t like this show. I’ll probably turn it off after five agonizing minutes.”

Nope. I binged watched the entire first season and quickly took to Facebook to tout my excitement over the upcoming “A Year in the Life” mini season (I swear I am not affiliated with Netflix!) What in the world??? I actually changed my opinion of something when I gave it chance? I can’t believe it!

So, here’s my challenge for you: is there something you’ve believed you don’t like for such a long time you can’t even remember why you don’t like it? My advice is revisit it (or them–see what I did there, because it could be a person). You might find that a whole new world of insights, enjoyment, and wisdom is waiting for you. Or, you might find you really don’t like that thing you are giving another try. The fun and excitement comes from the exploration and discovery. That’s the thing that makes life interesting. Being stuck in old beliefs makes for a very boring existence. Get out there and sample those Brussels sprouts or pick up that “awful” book you got three pages into before tossing aside. Oooooorrrr, take that person you decided after one conversation was not “your type of people” for coffee. You never know…… it or they might become your new obsession (not in a creepy way).

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