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Leading the Way to a Happy New Year

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I figure since the stores are all displaying their holiday season wares, (unbelievable) that I would take a few moments to talk about the importance of creating the opportunity for your people to win in the fourth quarter. We all know the activities we’re doing today in this industry will determine how we launch in to 2016. Building the momentum now during this season, sets the tone for a strong start on New Year’s Day and beyond.

Left to their own devices, our agents can sometimes look at holidays and turn them into “holi-weeks” and even longer! Some people actually have the belief that transactions do not happen in the fourth quarter of the year. Even if a tremendous amount of transactions do not take place, (which, we know they do if someone really has to move) now is the best time to connect and deepen relationships with our database, our sphere of influence and a great time to meet new people!

Challenge the people you lead to do these things this season: (don’t forget to do this for yourself too)

1. Schedule holiday time off now: During your next meeting, have your agents pull out their smartphones and encourage them to book time off around each holiday that is approaching. That way there will be deadlines to work towards and guilt-free play with friends and family too. This will alleviate much of the “half-hearted” work days where not much happens. The mantra for this season: Be ALL IN to work and take ample time to be ALL IN with your other priorities too! Now that there is no fear of “missing out” during the holidays, the next step is to…

2. Plan and focus on activities that really matter: It is a busy time for everyone and very easy to get overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Simplicity is more important than ever. Since none of us will get everything done, let’s focus on the things that will make the biggest impact to our relationships, our peace of mind and our bank accounts. Make a list of your top 2-3 professional and personal priorities for each day and schedule those just like you did your time off. As a busy executive and Mom, I’m focusing each day on the A projects and presentations I have coming up, fitting in my workout and good nutrition, and dialing in with my boys and husband in the evening. At lunch, I’ll pick up 1 or 2 gifts on my list ☺. Whatever your list is, keep it short, powerful and protect those priorities doing your best to get them done. If you make a bit of progress each day, you are winning. And of course, be sure to include my last tip on your list…

3. ‘Tis the season for personal contact! More than any other time of year, people are more receptive to a quick call to say hello and thank them for their business and referrals or even a quick “Pop-By” their home or office with a little gift. Make the most of it! Connect with clients and friends. Gather your agents and service providers together and let them know your office/business wouldn’t be where it is without their efforts and referrals. Give your time where it matters the most, open yourself up to receive from others. Making these investments with people will let them know you care, show them that being part of your team is pretty great and it will remind them of the good you do every day helping people inside and outside of this industry. I also highly recommend offering Peak Producers to your team at this time of year or at the very least, in January when excitement for the New Year is at an all-time high! Set up your class now, and if you are not yet certified to be a Mentor for Peak Producers, click here for more information! Give your agents the gift of Peak Production!

Lead the way this season in being very proactive and effective with your time and your choices and have a great time doing it! Show your agents the benefits of focusing their time and efforts now to create great momentum and results for a truly Happy New Year! Before I go, I want to invite you to join me December 4th for an exclusive broadcast for leaders on “Making Your Brokerage Stand Out!” click here to register.

All the best to you & yours,

J’aime Nowak

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