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Lessons from the Coaching Floor with Dave McGhee

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If you have skills and experience, but you’re still not performing at the level you know you’re capable of, you need a good coach! In a recent “It’s a Good Life” episode, Dave McGhee, Vice President of the Buffini Coaching Institute, explained how the incredible power of coaching can elevate your performance in all areas of life. Here are some of the top takeaways:

Coaching draws out your potential

Do you believe you have untapped potential inside of you that’s going to waste? A skilled coach can help you to identify and utilize your natural abilities to draw out your potential, improve your performance and fulfil your goals. No-one wants to get to the end of their life and realize that they should have used their innate gifts more – a good coach can help you lean into your abilities and really optimize them so that you use every ounce of talent you have.

Coaching challenges your perspective

Many of us have quite a limited perspective of the world. A coach can help you to see things differently. By uncovering other viewpoints, you’ll be able to surmount perceived obstacles in your way and put a strategic process in place to attain your goals. For example, you might worry that calling your clients comes across as pushy, meaning you put off getting in touch. A coach can help you to challenge that perspective by reminding you that you’re not pestering customers – you’re serving them! This shift in thinking can make all the difference to how you work and what you achieve.    

Coaching helps you get clear on what you want to accomplish

To really succeed, you must be very clear on what your goals are and how those goals benefit you. Push yourself in your belief of what’s possible, create goals to get really excited about and then bring it back to the smallest thing you can do right now to move towards those goals. If you’re struggling writing 50 notes a month, for example, start with writing 1! Who can you send a personal note to or who can you call to say hi and make their day? To reach big goals, you need to take small steps – and a good coach will help you get there.

A skilled coach can help you to clarify your aspirations, shift your perspective and tap into your unique gifts and abilities so you can achieve phenomenal success and live the good life. Why not have a free business consultation today to find out more!

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