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Welcome 2016! There is nothing like a brand new year to get me focused on my specific intentions, priorities and goals for myself, my family and my work life. How about you? In December, I always take time to reflect on where I’ve been, what we’ve done and how I want to grow in the future. It’s always a shocking list when I stop to take an inventory. Looking at what success we’ve had and what obstacles we’ve overcome in the frenzy of a full life gives us hope and confidence to continue the pursuit of achieving our full potential. Yes, we have more inside us. And this year, if we choose, we have the opportunity to create abundance in all areas of our life. The thing I am most grateful about in my 20 years with Buffini & Company is how Brian and Dermot Buffini, our team and the environment we have here have always pushed me to be more. 2016 is going to be yet another trip outside my comfort zone. The company has freed me up from much of my job description “on the inside” so that I can do more of what I really want to do…take my message on how this Referral System transforms businesses and lives to more audiences on the outside of our warm and wonderful Buffini bubble. I am both tremendously excited and downright terrified. In the 25 years that I’ve been challenging my own personal growth and development, I know that this combination of feelings is the best way to start off the New Year ahead.

[box]What are you going after in your business and life that has you so fired up that you will not hit the snooze button?[/box]

A big piece of the excitement and growth that I’m talking about is coming to a city near you in 2016! I am part of a world-class cast of presenters that will be bringing Buffini & Company’s MarTech Trends™ Conference to the marketplace. More and more companies with lots of marketing dollars are throwing their technology and promotional products into the real estate space and with that amount of information and noise, it can take us off focus and be downright confusing. I believe this conference will deliver what Buffini & Company has done for the past 20 years…we’ll do the painstaking research and cut through the overwhelming clutter of systems, resources and tools that are available to you and break it down to help you make good choices and harness what really builds a great lead pipeline and a fundamentally strong, profitable business for the long haul.

I’m thrilled to be sharing “The 5 Secret Ingredients to Higher Productivity” based on our top-notch business coaches’ experience, which is currently over a million coaching hours one on one as of this blog! We’ve learned a few things and we want to share them. Every one of us could use a few excellent tips to achieve more in less time, right? And there is nothing like a live event—the ideas, the energy and the like-minded community to create an environment that is perfect to help you think about and commit to the next steps on your journey.

Well, I have to go—there is so much to do! I trust your New Year is off and running (in a good direction) and my hope is you have a few scary goals that you are pursuing with all of your heart this year, too. When we’re in your area, please come join me, Joe Niego and Brian Wildermuth for a high energy, illuminating event in 14 cities around America and bring a friend—it’s always faster in the carpool lane anyway. J

To learn more about MarTech Trends™ and get registered, Click Here.


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