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Leveraging your Natural Abilities to Discover your Why

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I am so excited to be sharing all of the wonders of the Heritage Profile in this blog. I thought there was no better place to start than writing about how our profiles can help us remember the truth behind who we really are.

Do you remember who you are? Do you remember what you wanted to do before you did what you had to do? The duties of our realities subdue the desires of our hearts and we are forced to focus on what we have to do rather than what we are designed to do. It can feel like we are losing our true selves in these moments.

I hear the same goals every day from folks.  It seems most of our clients want to increase their income, get out of debt, lose weight, eat better, drink more water, travel, or focus more on their family or their spirituality. I have yet to find anyone who gets out of bed fired-up to attack the day with zeal to accomplish any of those goals. The key is to find a strong “why” in your life so that you have an authentic goal to pursue.

When I explored the pages of my past I discovered I had completely forgotten what I was into in my youth. I had a passion for animals that nobody in my family shared. It was uniquely mine. Most of us tend to forget about these passions when we are forced to focus on our responsibilities. What causes this great distraction?

For me, it was immigrating to America that caused me to forget about my passions. I needed to focus on learning how to survive in this new world of mine and felt I didn’t have the time and resources and pursue my love of animals. For the majority of people I talk to, its marriage, children, and mortgages that cause them to lose focus on their passion. The best way I have found to find a strong “why” for your future goals is to explore the pages of your past and look for patterns of things you once enjoyed and had passion for.

As I explored my past, my connection to animals became undeniable. I now have a goal to breed a horse for my niece to ride in the 2028 Olympic Games. Look at your own life. What are the passions that once drove you? Would they still interest you or motivate you?

Your profile has clues in it that can help you discover your core motivations and ultimately your “why.” One of the abilities in my Heritage Profile enjoys getting to display something I created on a pedestal, making my goal to breed a champion horse in perfect alignment to what naturally drives me. Ask your Coach to help you discover what might be in your profile that can help uncover your truest desires and passions from your past. This will help you set goals that are grounded with a strong “why” so you can accomplish those goals with more ease and happiness. Happy hunting!

Kevin Eric

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