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Are You Living an On-Purpose Life?

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When you live an on-purpose life, you’re happier and more motivated than your peers who may be struggling to find their purpose. How do you know if you’re living an on-purpose life? Take this short quiz:

Your neighbor is making a career change and would like help sprucing up his resume. What do you do?

  1. Not only review his resume, but also connect him with a friend from college who works in his desired field.
  2. Say, “I’m just so busy. Oh dear, is that the time?” while looking at your empty wrist and walking away.

How would you rate your energy level?

  1. I am PUMPED! I’m super stoked to tackle the day!
  2. My energy is high…after about six cups of coffee. No cup; just give me a straight caffeine drip.

How do you handle criticism?

  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I’m not going to let it sway me either way.
  2. I handle it well, if by “well” you mean I ball up my fists, ready to fight. Are you looking at me, punk?!

Are you confident about the future?

  1. My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.
  2. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and I’m just along for the ride.

Would you say you have a positive impact on others?

  1. Sure! People tell me all the time how much I’ve helped them.
  2. No. Who do I look like? Mother Teresa?

If you answered mostly A’s, congratulations; you’re living an on-purpose life! You know your purpose and use your passion to help others live their best life as well.

If you answered mostly B’s, your purpose may still be unclear. According to Charles H. Spurgeon, “Your emptiness is but the preparation for your being filled, and your casting down is but the making ready for your lifting up.” Shed light on your purpose and learn to live a happier, motivated life.

If your answers are somewhere in-between, you may need to clarify your purpose. Take steps to determine what you really want in life and let your purpose guide your passion.

Regardless of your answers, listen to episode #117 of “It’s a Good Life,” recorded live at MasterMind Summit® in San Diego. Brian outlines how to find your purpose, and the benefits and characteristics of living it out. Click here to listen.

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