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Make Your Business Sizzle this Summer

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It’s half-time.  Can you believe it? A bright outlook and a revitalization of our commitment and our energy to serve will make all the difference between having a decent year and having a year fit for the history books! Let’s make this summer sizzle by becoming a specialist in peak production.

Why is agent productivity so important?

The increase in your bottom line is just the beginning. If you take a vested interest in your people and help them perform at higher and higher levels in their business, this will have a trickle effect everywhere in your organization or on your team.

  • First, with profits—for you and them. You have more to invest into your company and your lifestyle. They can provide for their family, take a nice vacation, and buy that new car. Everyone will be more positive, upbeat and ready to tackle the everyday challenges that come with this business.
  • Productive behavior and profitability will lead to a better culture for your office filled with people taking action and getting results. Your agents will spread the word that your company is the place to be to thrive in real estate.  This becomes attractive to other solid top producers in your marketplace that now look at your company as one that helps their associates reach their goals and provides an environment conducive to high performance.
  • Recruiting becomes much more fun and robust when you have tangible results and value to recruit to along with that intangible “feeling” of positive momentum, healthy competition and care of your people.

I know that you probably know and understand all the benefits of productive people and profits to an organization, especially if yours needs more.  But just like “knowing” that eating nutritious food and working out is the best formula for being fit & healthy, the process of “doing” the activities for a healthy body or business on a consistent basis is daunting and full of obstacles.

happy-teamThe process of growth and development gets even more complicated when you are influencing and encouraging others to take action to achieve higher goals.  Jim Rohn called it “herding cats”. But as challenging as it is, it is a worthy pursuit to make a difference in people’s lives and ultimately to raise the level of professionalism expected in our industry.  If we can move them to action, we all win.

Training and development is one of the key ways to do this. I am excited to give you the great news that right now until July 31st, Buffini & Company has a fantastic special on our powerful training program, Peak Producers®.  The #1 goal of this program is to dramatically increase production and develop great business disciplines.

Peak Producers provides not only the map, but also the compass to detail the specific habits, attitudes and skills of a Peak Producer and then gives the action plan necessary to achieve stellar results!  Now is the time to plan your class! 

We have a free session to give great value to your agents and let them experience the content and systems for themselves to see if they want to go deeper and secure a special price.

If you do not have a great program, now is the time to become a Mentor and bring this program to your agents. We have created it for you to be the hero to the people you lead and influence by providing this comprehensive and engaging formula for a healthy and profitable business over 12 weeks. 

Make this summer HOT as your office specializes in selling more homes!  Let’s ignite enthusiasm and skills and dramatically impact the bottom line of all by embracing a productive culture and an efficient proven system for high achievement in this business!  I wish you continued success in this pursuit, and remember, we’re always here to help!   

It’s a good life!


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