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Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself

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We all have the ability to be gifted but, contrary to popular belief, we’re not born that way. If you want to get to a gifted spot in life, you have to take a journey – the journey of abilities. Only when we understand our own unique design and abilities can we manage ourselves properly and reach our full potential. Let’s walk through the three distinct phases of the abilities journey:  

The Self-Awareness Phase:

An awful lot of who we are and what we do is done on automatic pilot. But to become more self-aware, you must be willing to self-examine. Ask yourself:

What am I good at?

Most people have no idea what they’re good at – and they don’t know how to find out. The truth is, when you do what you’re designed to, it feels good. Often, what you’re good at is something that has come so naturally to you since you were a child that you don’t even notice that others are not as gifted as you in this area.  

How do I learn?

We’re all different, so it stands to reason that we all learn in different ways. Your optimal learning environment is the best possible environment for you to be able to process information. Analytical people, for example, need time and space to think. Synergistic people, on the other hand,like to play verbal ping pong. They process information through discussion, they collaborate and then they eventually make a decision. Which one are you?

How do I perform?

Your performance is the part of a task that you show the most enthusiasm for. Some people like to start a task, some like to develop it and others like to finish it. Typically, you show up in two out of three areas of your performance – you might like to create and finalize but not execute a task, for example. The key to success is to work to your strengths and delegate your weaknesses as much as you can.

The Self-Control Phase:

Self-control is really about management – knowing when to use your abilities and when not to. This phase has the biggest impact when it comes to relationships. To be in control of ourselves, we have to take responsibility for our relationships and be intentional about who we give ourselves to. Also, it’s vital to remember that everyone is designed differently and might communicate in a totally different way to us. Really understanding this concept is the key to better self-control, better communication and better relationships!

The Self-Mastery Phase:

If you understand your own unique design, you’ll be able to manage yourself and go from self-awareness to self-control and, ultimately, self-mastery. You are the steward for an incredible profile. What are you doing with it? Where can you contribute? Where can you show up and find purpose? Talents plus skills plus strengths equal your gifts. Gifts were made for giving. They’re not meant to be hoarded – they’re better when they’re shared. Who will you share yours with?

We’re all born with talents. When those talents are used, they become skills. When those skills are managed, they become strengths. When those strengths are leveraged, they become gifts. Buffini & Company’s Heritage Profile is a powerful tool that helps people understand their own natural gifts and abilities, while mastering their unique communication styles. It’s also one of the reasons our clients earn more than 12 times the national average real estate industry income! Find out more today.

Listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life” to hear more.

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