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Are you stuck in your comfort zone? In today’s challenging world, it can be very easy to simply drift into a space that feels familiar and safe but, if you stay there, you’ll never grow or fulfil your true potential. In a recent “It’s a Good Life” podcast, REALStrengths expert Rachael Yeaman shared how to break free from the fear that might be holding you back so you can step outside your comfort zone and maximize your life. Here are some of her top tips:

The downfall of the comfort zone

When you’re in your comfort zone, uncertainty is minimized and you feel more secure and in control. There is a time and a place for this – if you’re experiencing an especially difficult period, for example – but it’s dangerous to stay in that space when it’s no longer required or it isn’t serving your greater purpose. In today’s post-COVID world, some people continue to crave comfort and stability, but living this way actually means conceding control. If you’re nothing more than a spectator in your own life, you’ll play small, become stagnant and complacent and ultimately limit your potential.

The danger of reactive mode

When faced with hardship or struggle, many of us respond by going into reactive mode. This state of being can feel like moving on a conveyor belt – you’re pushing through and just waiting for life and stress to level out. The truth is, there will always be challenges in this world. If you live small, you’ll stack up a lot of regret. Instead of just passively reacting to the world around you, recognize that you hold the key to your own self-imposed cage. You have the power to seize the day and change your life, so step up, take ownership and stop playing the spectator.

The power of REALStrengths

To maximize your potential, you need to recognize the tension that exists between who you are and who you could be if you took a risk. This means not just doing more, but doing more of what aligns with your values by identifying and using your strengths – what makes you uniquely great – in a deeper and more meaningful way. It also means embracing discomfort so you can optimize your opportunities, amplify the impact you’re meant to have and make every moment count.

If you want to maximize your life, you have to use your strengths in the face of fear and choose courage over comfort. You have a choice – what could you achieve if you were willing to take the risk? To learn more about unlocking and empowering your innate gifts and abilities, take a free REALStrengths assessment today!

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