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Motivation for the Family: Creating a Vision Board

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Looking for a fun family activity to get the new year started right? Try creating a vision board! This project is a fun family craft and a great way to teach your kids about goal setting and motivation.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board makes sure you never lose sight of your dreams. Basically, it’s a collection of pictures and images that inspire you to make your dreams a reality. For grown ups and kids alike, a good vision board may show a dream job, a personal aspiration, family goals, etc. By collecting these images in one space, you create a regular reminder of what you’re working to achieve. You may choose to create one vision board showing dreams from everyone in the family, or each person can make their own.

Visions For the Kids

The images your kids choose are naturally going to be different from yours, since kids are in a different place in their lives. Ultimately, you should give them the creative freedom to pick the images they want. However, encourage them to think of goals bigger than just material wants — start talking about ambitions they have in school, life or the world in general. This will be especially impactful for teens and tweens as they begin to decide what they want to pursue in college.

Crafting Your Vision Boards

Take a Saturday or a weeknight to craft your boards. Choose a blank canvas to place the photos on — this might be a blank poster board, cork board or even a blank art book. Find your pictures in magazines, newspapers and even Google Images or social media. Pinterest and Instagram are great starts for inspiring imagery. Print or cut out the photos and place them on the board in whatever way works for you and the kids.

Keep It Front and Center

Make sure every family member keeps their vision board where it will be seen! This might be on the bedroom or bathroom wall, front hall or workspace. Whenever the kids are feeling unmotivated, encourage them to check out their boards again to stay inspired. Don’t forget to check in with your own board as well! If it’s a family board, consider checking in together a few times a year.

Making vision boards as a family is a great way to get everyone on the same page when it comes to keeping up motivation. These have the power to inspire your kids, your spouse and yourself as you pursue individual and family goals.

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