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The explosive growth of podcasting and how listeners have catapulted It’s a Good Life past 1 million downloads in just a year

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As you read this sentence, 55 podcasts are being recorded, including, depending on when you read this, It’s a Good Life.1 People are listening to podcasts now more than ever. Listenership is up 75 percent from 2013, and approximately 23 percent in the last year alone; the majority of people listening on their smartphone or tablet.2

Podcast quick facts

The first podcast was launched in 2003, and by 2004, the term “podcast” was officially coined.1 Podcasts began to catch on quickly among those plugged into technology. Interestingly, Former President George W. Bush quickly adopted this format and was the first president to give his weekly address via podcast in 2005, which he continued throughout the rest of his term.1

In 2013, Apple announced it had reached more than one billion subscribers.1 And over the past 14 years, podcasting has become the preferred medium of younger listeners: one-in-four Americans aged 12 to 54 have listened to a podcast in the last month. More than 38 percent of them were aged 18 to 34 and 34 percent were aged 35 to 54.3

What’s the appeal? Most podcasts are short—about 22 minutes, on average—so listeners can listen anywhere: at home (53 percent), in the car (21 percent) and at work (14 percent).3 Since the average podcast is updated weekly, listeners can look forward to listening to a new episode and may work it into their days (or they can binge listen to several episodes in a row if they’re traveling or relaxing at home).1

People are now listening to an average of five shows a week—that’s one for every day of the work week.2 And with a large variety of podcasts to choose from, there’s a podcast for every interest.

Listeners embrace It’s a Good Life for weekly inspiration

Brian Buffini jumped into podcasting in 2016 with It’s a Good Life, airing monthly. Intended to motivate and inspire business professionals to succeed in life and in business, it received such an overwhelming positive response, Brian took the podcast weekly at the beginning of 2017.

Not only does Brian share his stories and timeless advice; he also interviews successful business leaders (such as Brian Moran, Alan Taylor and Tom Ziglar) and sports figures (such as Diana Nyad and Justin Forsett), asking them to share their stories and advice for success.

Listenership of It’s a Good Life has seen nearly unheard of growth; surpassing one million downloads in just one year!

Says one reviewer, “Five stars! I love my doses of Brian Buffini on the podcasts. Motivational, funny, helpful for finding the balance between building business and enjoying life! Highly recommend for everyone.”

Have you subscribed to It’s a Good Life yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The podcast is available on iTunes as well as Stitcher, PodBean, iHearth Radio, Pocket Casts and Google Play. Click here to learn more and download episodes today.

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