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Real Estate Marketing: Why Consistent Value-Add Strategies Work

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There are many approaches to real estate marketing, but only one is guaranteed to bring you long-term success: the value-add strategy.

The reason this strategy works so well is rooted in psychology — it’s tied to something known as the reticular activating system.

For instance, have you ever learned about a new trend and suddenly noticed it popping up everywhere? You can thank the reticular activating system for that!

This is the part of the brain that filters out unnecessary information to allow us to focus on the things our brain deems important. Before you learned about that new trend, your brain didn’t have a reason to notice it. Now, whenever you observe it, your brain takes note.

Consistent value-add marketing works the same way. By sending your clients marketing flyers with information they can use in everyday life, they start to register you as important. Your marketing doesn’t get lost in the sea of other self-promotional materials. Instead, the value added puts you front and center in the client’s brains, and they start thinking of you whenever they hear of anything real estate.   

It’s important to note that the point isn’t to elicit a response from every single communication you send. While that would be nice, it’s simply unrealistic! People relate to topics differently depending on their circumstances. When you provide value on a wide range of topics throughout the year, you’ll end up hearing from a variety of clients at different times. For example, the client who’s currently coordinating a bathroom remodel might rave about your tips for staying on budget during a project, while the client undergoing a career shift tells you they loved your piece on goalsetting.

At the end of the day, a value-add real estate marketing strategy is the best way to stay top of mind with your clients and establish yourself as a trusted advisor. With each piece you send, you demonstrate your high level of competence and character in real estate and life. This sticks with people, causing their reticular activator system to light up whenever a friend or family member requests a referral for a trusted real estate professional.

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