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Reconnect with Your Clients this Fall

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The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors, the kids are heading back to school and fall is right around the corner. Another season is upon us and this is a perfect time to ramp up your business for a solid third quarter of building relationships and receiving high-quality referrals.

First, take a look at your A+ clients and top referring clients in your Referral Maker® reports area. Identify your ‘Best of the Best’ and you may be surprised at who has been giving you referrals during the first half of the year and in the past 12 months. You may also be surprised that you did not receive referrals from some ‘A+’ clients who you thought would definitely send you a referral. It is now time to reengage with these people by doing Pop-Bys and sending personal notes.

There are many Pop-By ideas to choose from for the fall season. Consider ‘Back to School’, launch of the football season, leaf bags, computer USBs, pumpkins, baked goods from your local bakery, plants, flowers and the ever popular gift card from Starbucks or a yogurt/ice cream shop. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Look for opportunities to personalize the Pop-By such as with a stadium blanket or other items with their favorite sports team logo. Personalized Pop-By items are always winners. Ideally, your Pop-By will be most effective if you call the client in advance to let them know you’ll be stopping by briefly with something for them. In the event you happen to be in their neighborhood and arrive unexpectedly, just leave the item with a personal note (which you should be carrying with you at all times anyway).You can also go to their Facebook timeline or send them a text message to let them know that you left a little something at their home Be sure to leverage social media whenever possible.

Another opportunity is to Pop-By their workplace (if you know it would be acceptable.) This is a great way to make your clients feel special and you may want to bring something such as a treat for them to share with their coworkers. By engaging others in the process you may be able to add new potential clients to your database. Always remember that the Pop-By is about the client and giving them something that is of value to them.

I am a big believer in coordinating a Business Mixer during the third quarter of the year. This is where you compile a list of other local business owners and bring them together to network and educate them on Working By Referral. Sharing the concept of doing business through reciprocal relationships with other business owners will definitely enhance your own business. The best place to start this process is with the ‘Hidden Sources of Wealth’ in the Resource and Training area of the CRM and the topic for a mixer can be covered in detail with your Buffini Coach. Your Coach will also assist you with some specific dialogues to use.

One of the key aspects of Working By Referral is providing value to your relationship list and by doing so, it sets the stage for you to easily ask for referrals. Ask your Buffini Coach to review the referral dialogues in detail. It’s vital to practice them so they become very natural for you. I suggest that you look at these as conversations and with practice you will find them rolling off your tongue.

Whether you are doing Pop-Bys, having lunch or meeting with other Business Owners, it is inevitable they will ask you about your Real Estate business and how things are going in the market place. Always thank them for asking and “As a matter of fact, the inventory is tight, interest rates are great and this means it is a good time to buy and sell. Who do you know who may be thinking of moving or interested in purchasing a property? Please keep me in mind as I love getting referrals.” One variation of the dialogues would be to tell the client that “I’m looking to help 4 (or fill in with a number) families move in September”. The more specific, the more terrific your results will be when having these conversations.

Think of it as creating a ‘Rolodex’ in their mind of everyone that they know. For example, if you have a teacher in front of you then think about everyone a teacher would interact with such as their peers and parents of their students and make these specific suggestions to them. The bottom line to mastering dialogues and conversations is to get started and PRACTICE! By not asking, you are actually being a joy stealer. You see, usually people like to give and help others. Be open to receiving and allow your clients to enjoy giving to you.


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