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Reconnect With Your Goals This Month

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We’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2017. This is a time when many people veer off-track from the goals they’ve set (unless, of course, they’ve been Blitzing—then they’re on track to have their best year ever). This month, we’re offering a few opportunities to reconnect with your goals and lay the foundation for a successful year.

We’re heading to Richmond next on Brian Buffini’s Success Tour™

We kicked off the Success Tour in San Diego in February. This month, we’re heading to the East Coast to one of our favorite cities, Richmond, Virginia on March 29 and 30. In addition to the great content from Brian Buffini, we’re pleased to have bestselling author Andy Andrews join us as our special guest speaker at this stop. Andy will share his inspirational message of hope, faith and perseverance. You won’t want to miss it. While we hope to see you there, you can also register to view the live broadcast of the first day’s sessions.

Have you registered for Buffini & Company’s GameChangers™?

Buffini & Company’s GameChangers is our one-day event designed to give you a crash-course in the strategies and tools you’ll need to thrive this year and beyond. Led by industry experts Joe Niego, Kevin Buffini and Brian Wildermuth, you’ll learn how to boost your productivity, engage with your business, improve your communication and streamline your business with technology. Sign up today and reserve your spot!

Get a weekly dose of motivation with Brian himself!

Don’t miss an episode of It’s a Good Life, the weekly podcast where Brian Buffini shares his motivational tips for success in business and in life. Haven’t subscribed yet? Click here to subscribe today.

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