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Referral Maker® Mobile Keeps You Connected to Your Business and Clients While You’re on-the-Go!

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Did you know that more than half of people access information on mobile media more than their desktop or laptop computers?1 Real estate professionals are no exception—who wants to lug a bulky computer to a listing appointment or to a client meeting over coffee or a meal? Think about it: Which do you use more to check your email, surf the Web and connect with clients? Chances are, you’re more likely to pull out your phone than crack open your laptop. In fact, 91 percent of real estate professionals use their smartphones daily to stay connected to their clients and businesses.2

In this age of mobile-first, you have the most important tool you need to run your business literally in the palm of your hand—your smartphone or tablet. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) system will not only help you stay organized, it’ll help you run your business more efficiently from anywhere. However, in order to keep you at the top of your game, it’s vital that it’s more than mobile-ready; it must be mobile-centric.

I am excited to share with you that we at Buffini and Company have launched Referral Maker® Mobile: a new app for iOS and Android operating systems that allows you to work from wherever you are, whether it’s your car or a client’s house. As a real estate professional, you spend most of your time in the field, away from your desk. Who has time to tap away on a desktop computer or laptop when there are relationships to build and leads to generate? We developed Referral Maker Mobile to help you optimize your productivity, control your business and achieve your goals while you’re out doing what you do best—serving your clients.

Some of the great features of Referral Maker Mobile include:

  • Upload your contacts from your phone into Referral Maker® CRM with a single click
  • Access details about your clients and prospects so you can stay connected, and add notes on the fly
  • Manage your calendar and daily activities
  • Stay on track with your daily sales action plan and activities. You’ll always know who to call, visit or connect with, even when you’re on-the-go!
  • View transaction data in real time right at your fingertips
  • Find nearby clients to make Pop-Bys more efficient and effective.
  • Personalize your landing page so you can hit the ground running, the way you want to work
  • Stay accountable to your daily, weekly and annual goals with the updated, interactive dashboard.
  • No Internet connection? No problem! With Referral Maker Mobile, you can work offline and your data will sync automatically when you get back online.

The best part? The updated interface not only looks clean and professional, it’s also more intuitive and even easier to navigate. To us, the most effective tool for your business is one that is both functional and easy-to-use. You have better things to do with your day than fiddle around with a complicated app that leaves you annoyed and frustrated. Technology is meant to optimize your productivity, not create more work for you. We’re so committed to ensuring Referral Maker Mobile delivers, we’re enlisting a user group to test it out before the launch!

We’re always on the hunt for ways to help our clients work more effectively and efficiently so they can achieve success and live the good life. Stay tuned as we continue to update the app and add new great features throughout the year. We love feedback: If you have an idea, please share it with us.

1. Smart Insights, as cited in eMarketer 4/15
2. NAR 2015 Member Profile


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