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Reset Your Mindset with the Leaders of Personal Growth

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We’re bombarded with negative news and attitudes from the moment from sun up to sun down, whenever we scroll through social media and news headlines. In reality, the world has been through far worse hardships and many were still able to achieve success, due in large part to a commitment to personal growth. In episode #092 of It’s a Good Life podcast, recorded at MasterMind Summit 2017, Brian Buffini gives listeners a hefty dose of perspective and delves into the evolution of personal development in America.

Break the addiction to bad news

Although our smartphones make it easy to access information and be accessible 24/7, we’ve become addicted to checking it, using it to scroll through social media, read headlines, watch videos and more. It’s no wonder we’re more anxious and stressed out than ever! Instead of filling our minds with the good stuff, we fill it with information that’s the equivalent of junk food. In order to grow and succeed, it’s vital to replace the time we spend mindlessly scrolling with time spend reading and listening to leaders in personal growth.

Personal growth may be America’s greatest export

Also dubbed “The American Spirit,” the attitude of growth and success has not only influenced the vast majority of business leaders for more than a century, it’s also beginning to inspire people around the world who are striving to create better lives. From the inspirational speeches of Russell Conwell explaining that all we need is right beneath our feet, to Og Mandino sharing his life-changing story and the influence of Dorothea Brand, it’s clear these stories and strategies apply just as much to people today as they did to the folks who were motivated by the work a century ago.

It’s easier to win now than ever before

As Brian says, “We’re drowning in information, but starving for wisdom.” Studies show that millennials no longer believe the American Dream is possible and Baby Boomers don’t believe their children will be as well off as them. Brian disagrees, saying there’s more opportunity to succeed now than ever before. If we abide by the timeless principles and commit to personal growth, we’re sure to succeed.

Click here to listen to episode #092: How to Turn the Worst of Times into the Best of Times. Also, subscribe to It’s a Good Life so you don’t miss any great content.

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