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On the Scene – MasterMind Summit

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MasterMind Summit is Buffini & Company ’ s once-a-year, family friendly, personal growth event. Often sold out, and with audiences upwards of 5,000, MasterMind Summit combines carefully curated content from Brian, powerful guest speakers and a growth-focused audience for three days to empower life change. Here, we highlight those who ’ ve attended the event as children, and how it ’ s made a positive impact on their lives. We ’ ve affectionately coined it, “Growing Up MasterMind.”


Brian Lessinger & son, Zack

Reno, NV

Brian: My son (pictured left, with Brian Buffini) attended his first MasterMind when he was 12. He ’ s now 21 and has been back seven or eight times since. He plays college basketball at Montana State University Billings. My daughter is 17 and has attended several times as well. You ’ re not sure what they ’ re getting out of it, and then a few weeks later they quote Brian. If you start them off young and expose them to good things, it sinks in!

Zack: MasterMind has helped me become more conscious of staying debt-free and managing money. Listening to Brian and Joe talk about compounding interest and their recommended books has helped, too. I ’ m currently reading, “The Automatic Millionaire.” MasterMind also turned me on to goal setting. I have a notebook with weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I ’ m also inspired by the speakers and the challenges and struggles they ’ ve been through. You figure, since they ’ ve been through some things, I know I can get through a situation that isn ’ t as serious.


Sean Hackney & daughter, McKenna

Bellingham, WA

Sean: I waited till my daughter, McKenna (pictured above, with Brian Buffini), was a freshman in high school before bringing her to MasterMind. We ’ ve attended the past three years now, and the events have been some of our most cherished times together.

Last summer, McKenna raised her own money and took off on a two-week adventure in Costa Rica to help a school. This was done completely on her own, with no financial support from mom and dad.

She has used what she ’ s learned to help lead the yearbook staff as editor, navigate the challenging times of high school and prep for her next journey in college. Her top four schools accepted her, including Pepperdine, but she ultimately settled on the University of Oregon, where she is going to explore the world of law and sports.

I truly don ’ t believe she has any idea yet of the gift she received from Brian ’ s vision many years ago. I ’ m excited to see not only what she does, but the ripple effect this will have on the years to come.


Kurt Heater & son, Tim

Grants Pass, OR

Kurt: My son, Tim (left), graduated as a medic eleven years ago and wanted to attend MasterMind as his graduation gift. Today, Tim ’ s in the Middle East, flying helicopters for the Army National Guard. I wholeheartedly believe two MasterMind events helped shape Tim into the man he is today.


Karen Monroe & daughter, Theresa

Colorado Springs, CO

Theresa: I ’ve been motivated by Brian since I was 11 years old. I ’ m now 21 and just received my commercial pilot certificate! During MasterMind 2017, Brian signed my book and included the Dr. Seuss saying, “Oh, the places you ’ll go…” That meant the world to me. Thank you for being part of the reason I’ve succeeded in my goals! It is a good life, even if it ’ s not always great.


Cindy Libonati & son, Vincent

Calabasas, CA

Cindy: My son, Vincent Libonati (left, with his fiancé), attended MasterMind with me every year from 10 years of age until 17, when he started college. When he entered into high school, he asked me to keep my ears open for an internship, so he could get ready and be accepted into a good college. I had a great physical therapist, who hired interns, so I made the introduction. They bonded right away and Vincent found his passion for the work he does today.

The personal development that was poured into him from such an early age most certainly helped shape him.

He wrote personal notes to his professors after finishing each year of college. He said he felt good doing something many others don ’ t, letting his professors know they were appreciated.

He graduated from Loyola Marymount University Magna Cum Laude and was accepted into the USC doctorate program, where he met the woman who became his wife. They both graduated as Doctors of Physical Therapy.

They celebrate their third anniversary this year and are in escrow on their first home. I am so blessed to have been able to share MasterMind with Vincent and see its lasting impact.


Tanya Bugbee & daughter, Anya

Buffini Business Coach, Carlsbad, CA

Tanya: Both of my daughters, Katya and Anya:

Both of my daughters have been going to MasterMind since they were teens. I wanted to spend time with them and encourage them to be goal-oriented. They had whiteboards in their bedrooms to display their MasterMind goals each year. Katya is in one of the MasterMind photos on our website, sitting front row, center (I gave up my seat!). Anya is now an intern at Buffini & Company.

Anya: Even though I was only 11 years old when I first attended MasterMind, I learned so much about goal setting and the impact it can have on my life. I remember listening to Brian and filling out my goal packet, then going home and creating a vision board that included all my goals, long-term and short-term.

To this day, I still set goals and write them down. Thinking of a goal and writing down a goal are two different things. Everyone is capable of thinking of things they would like to achieve; not everyone is able to stand up to their goals, write them down and achieve them. I learned this at MasterMind and still believe it.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to be an intern at Buffini & Company. I wrote it down, told other people about it and set mini goals to achieve my larger goal. Some of these mini goals included: learning more about the Referral System, sharpening up my resume and building self-confidence. Five months later…I got hired as a summer intern in the Client Care Department!


Vicki Shearer & children, Peter, Kip and Kati

Phoenix, AZ

Vicki: I brought my daughter in 2001 when she was 13. She was one of the first kids to attend the event. She was a dancer and she set goals to become Dancer of the Year at her dance studio and a national champion. She accomplished those goals in high school. She’s been to three MasterMinds—at 13, 21 and 29. She reads all of the books Brian recommends and has positive affirmations posted around her office. She’s currently training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Each of my sons came with me to MasterMind during their senior years of college—my oldest in 2004 and my middle son in 2006. My oldest son has been to MasterMind twice and attended his third this year. My middle son has been to MasterMind once and set a goal to get into the Navy OCS, which he did, and was selected to be part of the Naval Reactors in Washington, D.C. In D.C., he met the love of his life. He now has an MBA and works for a real estate development company in San Diego. MasterMind has changed my oldest son’s life and has helped him set goals and focus on finding his calling. Their wives attended Mastermind with us last year and my oldest son plans to attend this year with his wife and a couple they’re friends with.


Mindy Chamberlin & daughter, Emily

Cleveland, OH

Mindy: I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for my daughter, Emily, to attend Mastermind and develop a learning based mindset. I felt it would expand her and expose her to great thinking. She attended her first one around 2005. Mastermind helped shape Emily’s approach to learning and thinking big, specifically, the idea that anything is possible. Emily learned how to set goals for herself and make them a reality. I feel attending so many Masterminds while she was growing up gave her an advantage as she was exposed to all the great minds and thinking.

Some of her accomplishments include earning her Tae Kwon Do black belt at age 12, teaching tennis and supervising tennis coaches at the Cleveland Inner City Tennis Program during the summer she was 16. At 18, she set a goal to become a real estate agent and joined my team at age 19 as a Buyer’s Agent for the summer. Emily sat open houses at our model home for a builder I represented for over 20 years and sold out the last four homes so we could finish the subdivision. She had also set a goal of attending law school at Boston University and becoming an attorney. She has one year left of law school and will be graduating in May 2019.

Emily loves to learn and grow and I believe Mastermind helped shape her love of learning and big ideas.


Judy Adler & children, James, Randall, Amy and Faith

Lake Oswego, OR

Judy: I have been bringing my children to Mastermind right along with me since Buffini and Company began holding the event Exclusively in San Diego. Until the three older Adler children went off to college, Mastermind was part of our entire family’s summer plan. Even while in college, when the school and work schedule allowed, the older Adler children would still take part in the full program and looked forward to it every year. Faith Adler, my 15-year-old will be attending Mastermind this year as she did in 2017. We truly believe it is a GOOD, GOOD LIFE and the Buffini and Company core values have been part of our family as well.

Amy: I have been attending since I was two years old. Buffini and Company has had such a strong impact on me and has helped to shape much of who I am today. It took me many years to really understand all that Mastermind has given me.   Growing up, I thought of goal setting and gratitude lists as “the norm”. There was no reason to believe that every child didn’t wake up to a motivational message and affirmations! Mastermind and Buffini and Company have been two of the most consistent and positive things in my life, and I am very grateful for all the opportunities that they have provided me!

Randall: Setting goals properly and knowing how to achieve them has been one of my best take ways of Mastermind over the years. Having attended so many Masterminds over the years, I believe the internal conversation I had with myself to get me on the right track had a lot to do with the discipline of my mind and knowing there was a better way. I believe this mindset and growing up in a “Buffini”-minded family is what got me to the place I am today. I believe goal setting had a major role in my success and direction if life. I am forever grateful to my family from making the Buffini way part of who I am.

Faith: Hearing about Buffini and Company is nothing new to me; my parents and siblings have talked about the “Good Life” concepts my entire life. I attended the opening night of Mastermind for many years either on my mom’s lap and a few years in another room while my mom held me and watched the event on a big screen TV. Positive, Lifelong learning has been what I know. Last year I attended my first complete Mastermind as an audience member and will be there again in August. I plan to spend one of my high school years abroad (March of my sophomore year thru December of my junior year) as I have a clear vision of what I want my adult life to look like. I do not know many 15-year-old students that have a life plan in order and my assumption is my plan (understanding that it can change) is what it is due to my upbringing.

James: Like my siblings, I can hardly remember a time that I was not attending a Mastermind conference in San Diego (maybe 2 years while in college) as it was just part of my life. I look forward to Mastermind every year as it is my foundation for evaluating my goals, setting new goals, reconnecting with my family and setting up our accountability for the following year; my 21-year-old sister Amy and I give it our best to hold each other accountable and even have our own version of a book club. I learned early on from my parents as part of our Mastermind planning that it is easy to put things in writing that look good but UNDERSTANDING the connection is where the rubber meets the road. I strongly believe in and am very thankfully to my parents for engaging me and my siblings with the teachings of Buffini and Company.

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