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The Secret to Becoming a Top Producer

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A question I am frequently asked is, “What are your top-producers doing?” I know the answer the questioner really wants to hear is some magic formula, quick fix solution or something different they are not doing. The good and bad news is there is no secret or magic. The reason it’s good news is you have direct control on your ability to produce. The reason it’s bad news is, this direct control requires work. We live in an instant gratification society. We want “the microwave mentality” to apply across the board. Think about your all-time favorite meal, chances are it’s something a loved one makes or comes from a great restaurant. It is not something that was “microwaved” in two minutes or less. Business operates along the same philosophy: A great business takes time and a few ingredients. The hallmarks of a Top Producer are priority management, leveraging and consistency.

Manage Your Priorities

The reason we teach our clients to sort and qualify their database is so they can prioritize their time and their activities. Once your database is sorted you can prioritize your time, spending it with individuals you enjoy and who support your business. You wear three distinctly different hats as a business owner, the CEO hat, the COO hat and the CFO hat. Juggling the hats can be tricky when business is busy. The Chief Operating Officer hat comes into play during the logistics of the transaction. The Chief Financial Officer hat is responsible for finances and time should be blocked out accordingly to manage one’s finances. The CEO hat is the Chief Executive Officer hat and this is where marketing occurs. If you are in sales, your primary responsibility is to create leads. No leads = no sales = no business. Top producers understand and implement this hat as the priority. If you stop to think about it, your COO and CFO hats are worn because you prioritize your CEO hat, no matter how much business is coming your way. The CFO hat sure is more fun to wear when the CEO hat is prioritized.

Learn to Leverage

Top Producers are great at leveraging. In addition to leveraging their database and time, top producers leverage their energy, expertise, marketing, staff, systems and ideas.

Real estate is a perpetual industry. We only have so much energy to give; our supply is not infinite. Analyze and understand when your energy is at its peak and capitalize on that time.

Top producers leverage their expertise. They see themselves as consultants and are willing to educate their clients and those around them. They give their knowledge away and are willing to continuously grow themselves. They understand the need to invest in their individual growth and the growth of their business. Top producers understand their job description needs reviewed annually. As their job description changes, their staff’s job descriptions should change accordingly.

Be Consistent

When it comes to systems, if you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you will be challenged with consistency. Top producers understand this and have their systems in writing. Their systems can be replicated. Ideas can be leveraged within your teams, vendors, peers and mentors. Synergizing and sharing ideas will help you fill in ingredients in your business that may be missing.

The principles of a top producer are simple to understand, the commitment to apply the principles is where the rubber meets the road. A top producer makes the commitment to priority management, leverage and consistency. Make the commitment and hire a coach to hold you accountable and help navigate the path.


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