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How To Stay Productive And Not Just Busy

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Many of you had a great run with the Blitz and more during the Run Cycle. One of the key things to do during the Rest Cycle is to stay productive with your time and truly work smarter than harder in this perpetual Real Estate business. Here are a few fundamentals to avoid getting caught in the ‘busy’ nonproductive trap.

Review your business plan and goals in the Referral Maker with your Coach. Take into account how much you have progressed with your transactions and volume. Identify the status of your active pipeline. Check out your Database, Proactivity level and percentages. Set up the game plan for your next Blitz Run. This will put you in a position of being proactive with your business rather than reactive.

Focus on priorities instead of reacting to every immediate stimulus. Start your day the night before by laying out your work clothes, having your master daily plan set and getting to bed early. Utilizing the early morning hours as a Miracle Morning will set you up for a results oriented day. The early morning hours are the least distracted hours in your day. Each and every email and voicemail message does not need to be responded to immediately. Set boundaries as to when you respond to and return messages. In addition, use yellow caution tape and do not disturb signs to keep coworkers at bay. Continue to value your time by completing specific tasks in time frames that make sense. Monitor how much time is being allotted for social media, apps and other distractions. These two points alone will help you use your time wisely along with saving time.

What can you do in 4 minutes? It has been a fun time watching March Madness and in many games the outcome was decided in the last 4 minutes. Take this idea and apply it to items on your prioritized list. When you have an item that can be completed in 4 minutes go ahead and do it. It will be more effective and efficient than trying to come back to it later. Just imagine what 4 minute power times could do for you.

There are quite a few things that you can do to be proactive rather than reactive. It is a great time to create overall value for you and your business by adding some of these tips.


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