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Stop Chasing Leads and Start Making Money with Referral Maker® CRM

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In today’s changing real estate industry, it’s easy to feel compelled to get the latest tool or gadget that will solve all of your lead-generation problems. You may even feel cajoled, directed and almost bullied into spending all of your time and money chasing online leads in the hope of finding an online consumer who wants to “transact” a home purchase.

The return isn’t equal to the time, money, and energy that are spent, however. Our industry tends to chase the latest technological trend in search of a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong, Internet leads have a place in the marketing mix; however, a strict adherence to one form of marketing/advertising will undoubtedly expose you to greater competition from firms who take a more balanced approach.

The issue with this approach is that most agents continue to miss opportunities to develop lifelong relationships with their past or current clients. Research from the National Association of REALTORS® revealed that over 80% of all transactions are generated through some form of repeat or referral business activity. While many consumers go online to search for properties, the majority of them work with the agent who provided them or a friend great service in the past, not a stranger who electronically reaches out to form an e-relationship.

Generate high-quality leads through your relationships

So how should you spend your marketing time and effort? The answer is simple: Building relationships with people you know, serving your clients at a high level and intentionally asking for referrals. When you focus your attention on your relationships, generating leads is more fun, too. You look forward to picking up the phone to chat with them and enjoy taking them to lunch. Lead-generation is no longer a chore, but an opportunity to connect with some of your favorite people. What better way to replicate your best clients than by spending time with them?

Maintain relationships with Referral Maker CRM

Relying on an effective CRM system will help you get organized, remain visible and relevant, and manage and stay accountable to your financial goals. A CRM is a powerful lead-generation tool—studies show that lead conversion rates can increase more than 300% when a CRM is used.1 Referral Maker CRM makes working by referral more powerful, making it easy to maintain your relationships with your best clients while you build a successful business.

Referral Maker is the only CRM with a PROVEN sales system for building repeat and referral business. That’s because it was designed with agents who work by referral in mind. Upload your current database and sort your relationships. Referral Maker will take care of the rest to help you build a profitable stream of the highest quality leads—referrals!

Referral Maker uses Referral Intelligent Technology® to help you keep in touch with your clients. Visit the Priority Action Center to see the personal interactions you’ve had with your real relationships. You’ll always know who to call or meet with, when, and even what to say.

Set goals; get results. With Referral Maker, your results are driven by the goals you’ve set for your business. You’ll see a return on your investment when you track your activities to reach a specific goal and outcome.

It’s easy to use. Many CRMs tout their extensive tools and features; however, they’re so difficult to navigate that users feel frustrated. Not Referral Maker; this CRM offers the great features you need with none of the aggravation.

Make more money. Agents who follow the Buffini & Company Work by Referral System make up to eight times the national average.2 Referral Maker makes it easy to stay on track and complete the daily lead-generation activities that build your business.

Keep your database in your pocket. The Referral Maker mobile app allows you to access Referral Maker CRM from your iOS or Android-powered smart device. Update client information, access your activities and find clients near you to plan a Pop-By.

In today’s real estate environment, real estate professionals need technology that is easy-to-use and helps them earn a profitable outcome. Referral Maker helps agents get organized, set measureable goals, stay focused and accountable, and ultimately, make more money.

[box]97.2% of users would refer Referral Maker CRM to a colleague**[/box]

[box]More than 80% of all real estate transactions are referred and repeat customers**[/box]

[box]Studies show that lead conversion rates can increase more than 300% when a CRM is used*[/box]

Try it for free!

Referral Maker CRM helps you boost your sales and productivity by telling you who to spend your time with to garner more referrals. Generating sales has never been so easy! Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial today!

* Smallbizcrm.com, CRM Market statistics www.smallbizcrm.com/crm-reading-lounge/crm-market-statistics/
** Buffini & Company


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