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The Success Tour Stop in Richmond, Virginia

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Hello everyone!

If you were in the audience at Richmond, Virginia, on April 1-2, for our second stop on the 2015 Success Tour, you saw some amazing presentations.  Inspiring, motivating, informative, funny . . . was it incredible or what?

Aside from Brian’s wonderful business insights, and witty stories – I do believe that is the Irish in him – Nido Quein, High Point University’s President, delivered one of the most potent sessions I’ve ever seen on how to live not just a good life, but an extraordinary life, and our favorite speaker of all time, Les Brown, literally brought the house down with his amazing presentation on what you need to do to live your dreams regardless of your circumstances.   

It was an awesome two days!  Richmond was a wonderful host and we thank you for joining us!

Now, if you haven’t been to one of our events before, you need to go. You’ll learn, laugh and be inspired to grow personally and professionally. Brian has all new content this year.  He’ll share some wonderful personal stories, and you’ll see with your own eyes what’s possible to achieve in your career and in your life.

Our next stop is San Jose on June 23-24, then Philadelphia on September 16-17, Texas on October 14-15, and we will close the year out in Toronto on December 2-3. Seriously, you need to go.

I’ve attached a couple of clips from Richmond to temp you, so enjoy.

It is a Good Life…


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