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The Best Way to Read a Book and Get Real Results

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Master motivator Brian Buffini is always recommending personal growth books to people who ask for advice.  There’s a book for everything — mastering finance, positive self-talk, building a resilient mindset and so much more. But how do you make sure you squeeze out every last drop from the book you read, instead of just flipping through the pages?

As you get your summer reading on, make sure you’re taking the time to really devour these personal growth books. Brian Buffini says it takes 90 days to truly dive into a book. Now of course, it may be tough to do this with all of your reading, but if there’s a motivational book that’s particularly interesting to you, it pays to take the time to dig in.

You may be wondering, “how can I possibly spend 90 days on a motivational book that’s only 100 pages?” There are three steps to actively consuming the advice within these books: you must read, learn and apply. Let’s take a look at each:

  1. Read — Set aside time when you can truly absorb the material you are reading, uninterrupted by distractions. Put your phone aside, and find a space where you can focus. Keep a pen or pencil handy so you can write notes in the margins, and mark off pages with points that interest you. Your initial read of a book allows you to take it all in before you roll up your sleeves and get to work.
  1. Learn — Go back to those notes you wrote and the pages you marked, and re-read those sections with a new set of eyes. Write down major takeaways or lessons from those sections. It helps to write these breakthroughs down in a journal or notebook, so you can reference them later. Depending on the length of the book, this may take some time. However, it’s one of the best strategies for truly learning the material!
  1. Apply — Once you’ve compiled your breakthroughs from the book, incorporate these lessons into your routine. Develop action steps for applying what you learned into your life. This is how you will get closer to reaching your goals, whether you want to develop a working budget, commit to a regular fitness routine or just eliminate negative thoughts. Keep the book and your notes handy for reference as you form your action plan.

When you follow these steps, you will get the most out of any book you read. Not only will you learn the material, but you’ll also grow as a result, and drive yourself closer to your goals. Determine what you would like to accomplish by the end of ninety days, then choose from this list of great personal growth books to get you started on that path.

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