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The Gift of Your Gab

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There are two types of selling styles in the Heritage Profile; Facilitators and Motivators. In my previous post I addressed Facilitators and how to succeed if you’re the type that cringes at the thought of becoming a pushy salesperson.

Today I want to address all the talkers or as we call you, “Motivators,” out there. Motivators are the ones who’ve learned from day one, if you want to get your needs met in business and life you better make a bunch of noise until something happens.

A Motivator’s motto is: much is given to those who ask, and more is given to those who ask again!

You might be a Motivator if….

  • You give more directions than suggestions
  • You’re of the belief that those who listen finish second…or last
  • You hear an objection as a speed bump setting up an opportunity to push back harder
  • You’ve learned speaking over somebody until they go quiet means, “I’m winning!”

Every style of communication has benefits and shortcomings. At Buffini & Company, we want you to focus on your strengths, so you can leverage them effectively. We also want you to be aware of and manage your shortcomings, so they don’t hinder your success.

3 ways Motivators can leverage their communication strength:

  • Ask! Your gift is you’re not afraid to ask for something, so get out there and start consistently asking your clients for referrals! Motivators are great at sales because talking about their business comes naturally.
  • Remind. Follow-up is essential in sales. It might be easy for you to pick up the phone and start a conversation, however knowing exactly who to call and when is a whole different story. Make sure you have a system in place to help you stay organized. Referral Maker CRM is a great option if you lack structure in your profile (yes, Free Spirits, I’m talking to you)!
  • Give Direction. Your clients and people in general are more likely to follow leaders who are decisive versus suggestive. Use this to your advantage. Yes, you want to listen first, but give very clear and direct responses about how you do business and expectations.

3 ways Motivators can manage their weaknesses:

  • Start asking questions. By asking questions you give the floor to your clients to share more information about what their specific needs are. They will feel heard, and this presents an opportunity for you to feel out whether your client is a Facilitator or Motivator and if you should do more leading or listening.
  • Try to listen (or at least look like you are). Facilitators are naturally great listeners, gifted at creating a comfortable environment for people to make their own decisions, and have a very respectful approach to the selling process. This doesn’t always come easy to you. Just remember, you have two ears and one mouth, which means you should do twice the amount of listening as talking. Keep that in mind, even if it’s a bit painful. Practice makes perfect!
  • Don’t Nag. If you’re working with a client who’s a bit a “wishy-washy,” or talking around questions instead of giving you a direct answer, chances are, they’re a Facilitator. Resist the urge to nag until they give you more direction. Instead, use phrases such as, “if I were you” or “if I was in your shoes I’d…” that won’t make them feel pressured, while nudging them in the right direction.

Mastery over our communication skills involves balancing when and how to speak. Mastery over our communication styles means leveraging our strengths while learning how to manage our weaknesses, so ultimately we get what we want more often. These Nuggets of awareness will allow you to truly develop the gift of your gab!


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