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The Scoop on Home Buying

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Buying a home is a big decision—not only is a house the largest investment most people will make, they also have to live in their decision for years to come…or until they move again. The second concern most buyers have is applying for a mortgage—getting their credit in shape, applying for a mortgage and hoping that their credit score is enough to lock into a low rate.

What’s in the Box?

Helping your clients find the right home to buy is one of your primary responsibilities as a real estate agent. The U.S. and Canadian Marketing Flyers are sure to help you guide your clients through the process by outlining the four most important factors to consider before purchasing a home. This piece covers considerations such as lifestyle, location, home features and affordability. Since buying a home is a process of elimination, not a process of selection, this piece is sure to help your clients narrow down their choices. This is a competence piece intended to assist you in helping your buyers find the right home.

The process of applying for a home mortgage is intimidating to most buyers. After all, they may only go through the process a few times in their lives, and each time things are different than the last. However, with careful preparation, buyers will feel more at ease with the process. The Alternate Marketing Flyer features several tips to prepare for a mortgage—from reviewing credit reports to gathering paperwork. This is a competence piece intended to prepare your clients for the mortgage process and educate potential buyers about what to expect.


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