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People who know how to tap into their own joy sell more, achieve more and become more resilient and creative. Brian recently interviewed joy expert and upcoming MasterMind speaker Amanda Gore to find out more about this phenomenon. Here are some of the top takeaways:

Joy differs from happiness

Like a kitten chasing its tail, happiness is something most of us constantly seek. We tell ourselves, “I’ll be happy when…” falsely believing that we’ll feel happier if we just get more, be that money or something else. Joy, on the other hand, goes far deeper and is more about a sense of inner peace. Things can be difficult around you, but you can still be joyful because of how you feel about yourself. At the end of the day, life’s journey is all about feeling good about who you are, what you do every day and how you treat other people. Keep focusing on that and joy will be the result.

Joy can be stolen

Often, the false stories we tell ourselves can steal our joy. These stories are usually built on three core fears: The first is, ‘I’m not worth loving,’ or ‘I’m not good enough.’ The second is ‘I’m unsafe in some way,’ which is really common if you grew up in a difficult environment. And the third one is ‘I’m separate,’ a lie that can have an absolutely devastating impact on someone. To eradicate these long-held beliefs and fears, you have to dive right into them and investigate: What story are you telling yourself? When did it start? Who benefitted from it? Once you figure this out, you can work on telling yourself a better story – one that truly benefits you and your future.

Joy benefits business

Many entrepreneurs falsely believe they have to do everything perfectly themselves and that no-one can help. The truth is, as a leader, a vital part of your job is to understand the underlying fears that drive your team’s behavior so that you can support real growth. First, you have to realize that a behavior is often driven by fear. If you can uncover the hidden need that drives the fear, you can fill that need, take away the fear and change the behavior. By being genuine, authentic and making people feel cared for in this way, you’ll help to create a joyful workplace – a factor that will drive phenomenal success because we’re all human and we all need tribes.

Joy is a high-performance fuel and a secret weapon for success in business and in life. To learn more, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life” and book your tickets for MasterMind today!

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