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Tip #5: Don’t Give Up

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Over the course of five weeks, we’ve outlined several timeless tips to help you recruit experienced agents to your brokerage. This week’s tip is intended to keep you motivated to recruit valuable agents to your growing business.

Recruiting Tip #5: Don’t give up.

Recruiting high-producing agents can be challenging; however, if you take the time to build relationships with the agents you’d like to recruit to your company, you’ll gradually build a strong, successful business.

While some of the agents you connect with may make the move over to your brokerage, others may remain where they are and send you referrals to high-achieving agents who they know will thrive under your banner. Continue to cultivate your relationships with this carefully selected cadre of top producers by offering value, being of service, keeping in touch and maintaining consistency throughout the process.

Consistency will be the key to growing your business. And remember, while you’re recruiting new agents, be sure to maintain relationships with your current agents to ensure you maintain your business’s culture of success.

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