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Two “Musts” for Positive Change

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Although we know a positive attitude is crucial for success, we may find it difficult to cultivate at times. This is especially true for leaders who strive to transform their company cultures. Which do they transform first, their mindset or the company culture?

According to leadership expert and best-selling author, Jon Gordon, the change starts with you. After all, as the leader, you’re the person your team will look up to for an example of a positive mindset in action. How can you transform your mindset? The best place to start is with gratitude and prayer.

Transforming your mindset is as much a spiritual task as it is a mental one. That’s where prayer comes in. Knowing there’s a plan for you and leaning into your faith in a higher power, no matter what it looks like, will help you create positive change in your life. Taking a few moments to sit in prayer or meditation at some point in your day is sure to help you find perspective and reinforce your belief in your abilities.

Gratitude shows you appreciate the things that have come your way during the day, even the challenges. Taking a walk of gratitude can help you reflect on the events of the day while getting your blood flowing. During these walks, think about:

  1. What went right today?
  2. What positive events occurred?
  3. What am I thankful for?
  4. Who am I thankful for?

Answering these questions will help you put your day into perspective. If you had a great day, a walk like this will help reinforce it. If the day was fraught with challenges, an activity like this will help you find the silver lining and appreciate the things that truly matter.

Cultivating a positive mindset is a gradual process. The transformation doesn’t happen overnight; instead, it happens over time. Every time you weed out the negative thoughts from the garden of your mind and feed it with positive information, whether it’s people, books, podcasts or more, you’ll notice a positive outlook beginning to flourish.

In episode #106 of It’s a Good Life, Jon Gordon shares his tips for improving your mindset and the mindsets of those around you. By the end of the episode, you’ll be ready to not only improve your mindset, but also handle negativity with grace. Click here to listen.

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