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Wake Up to Your REALStrengths with Rachael Yeaman

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When you’re in tune with your natural gifts and abilities, you can connect to who you truly are and live a life of greater meaning and purpose. Brian recently interviewed Buffini & Company REALStrengths expert Rachael Yeaman to learn why everything changes when you know how to leverage your unique strengths. Here are some of the top takeaways:

Uncover your gifts

Many people have no idea what their innate strengths are because what they’re good at comes so naturally to them that they don’t even realize it’s a gift! Often, it’s only when you see other people struggling to do something that comes really easily to you that you grasp you might be talented in that area. Uncovering your gifts and abilities is vital work because, when you know what you’re good at, you can become confident in who you’re designed to be and make a unique impact in the world.

Maximize your gifts to unlock success 

When you’re in tune with your natural gifts and abilities, you can leverage them to thrive and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. With increased self-knowledge and awareness, you’ll be able to maximize your strengths, manage your weaknesses and succeed at the highest levels. Buffini & Company REALStrengths helps you to identify and empower your abilities, while also optimizing your growth opportunities. This incredible tool determines your unique strengths and then provides tactical tips and how-to’s so that you can lean into your gifts, help other people and get more of what you want. It’s the secret sauce to success in work and life!

Manage your strengths 

You are your own best asset. But if you don’t know your strengths, connect to them and consistently put them into action, there’s a ceiling on everything that’s possible. The more you’re able to connect with your unique gifts, be confident in who you are and know who you’re not, the more you will thrive. When you’re secure in who you are, you can bring your whole self to life as opposed to some deluded or fractured version of yourself that doesn’t serve anyone. This is what allows you to live a life of greater meaning and purpose.

Discovering who you truly are means that you can step in to your full potential, acknowledge what’s right about you and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. If you want to be the best and most authentic version of who you’re created to be, take the REALStrengths Assessment today!

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