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What to Say During a Year-End Database Check-In

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When was the last time you conducted a full check-in with your database? For some, it may have been earlier in Q4, and for others, it may have been December — of last year!

Set some time aside before the new year to start calling folks in your database for a year-end check-in. These interactions should be personalized and thoughtful, and demonstrate your care for all the clients in your database.

Here’s what you do — on each call, spend a few minutes with a past or current client to catch up, wish them well in the new year and remind them that you’re never too busy for their referrals. When spaced out over a few days, you’ll be able to contact all of your best clients so you can start 2021 at the top of everyone’s mind!

If you’re stuck on what to say, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Follow Up with a Mailer

Have you been mailing or emailing your clients valuable pieces of information throughout the year? Use this call to ask their thoughts on the information you shared! Chat about the content in the piece, what you liked about it and what stood out to them. Not sending monthly mailers? Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM has the infrastructure to help you add these to your real estate marketing strategy.

Express Gratitude

Take some time on the call to say thanks to your client for choosing to do business with you throughout the year. Whether they bought with you in 2012 or just last month, you never be shy about expressing your gratitude toward them and their business.

Give a Market Update

This was a year full of economic uncertainty, but the real estate market remained solid. Stay up-to-date with the 2021 real estate market trends nationally and in your area, and communicate these to your clients. This data might be just what they need to hear to make a move in 2021!

Celebrate Client Achievements

Did this client get married this year? Perhaps they welcomed a little one into the family. If you have these milestones written down in your real estate CRM, reference them on the call with the client. This builds the relationship by showing that you are invested in these clients as people, and not just customers.

Share Your Network

Data shows that people are on the move, oftentimes heading for entirely new areas. If you have connections to agents in other places, make sure your clients know this! While they might not be moving in 2021, they might have a friend who’s looking for a great real estate pro to help them get out of state. You can be the one to send referrals to your contacts in other areas — and not to mention, you get to take home a nice referral fee!

Record everything in your real estate CRM so you have notes from the conversation. This will help you pick up where you left off when you check in with that person again. The call details can also help you drop off the perfect personalized Pop-By gift! Investing in a real estate CRM that helps you keep track of these details will also help you build stronger relationships with your database.  

Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM is designed with these goals in mind. This productivity tool and real estate CRM will streamline your lead generation so you can start 2021 strong. Sign up for your free trial today.

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