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What’s Your Selling Style?

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Selling is an art — so what’s your style?

While no two salespeople are exactly alike, there are two categories of selling styles that many will fall into. They’re known as motivators and facilitators.

Motivators are the folks who are totally comfortable selling to others. It’s easy for them to encourage and influence clients to make a decision.

Facilitators, on the other hand, prefer not to be seen as salespeople. Instead, they aim to create a comfortable environment for clients by asking questions that help them come to their own conclusions. 

How can you tell if you’re a motivator or a facilitator? There are a few unique characteristics for each style that you may see in your own professional habits.

Signs of a Motivator

  • Asking for referrals is easy.
  • Comfortable being seen as a salesperson.
  • Okay with telling people what to do.

Signs of a Facilitator

  • Difficult to ask for referrals.
  • Do not want to be seen as a salesperson.
  • Uncomfortable telling people what to do.

Both styles can be successful in real estate, however, they do have their drawbacks. For example, motivators may lose a client if they are perceived as too pushy or transactional. Facilitators may miss a sale if they are being too agreeable. It’s important for agents to learn how to manage their selling style in order to best accommodate their clients and successfully close every deal.

Determining selling style is a big deal in Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™. Agents in our real estate coaching program receive a Heritage Profile upon joining, which identifies their selling style as well as other natural gifts and abilities. Their real estate coach then works with the agent to leverage their strengths and manage attributes that may hinder them.

This process is essential to unlocking an agent’s full potential as a salesperson. Work with a Buffini & Company real estate coach to identify, understand and maximize your own strengths. Sign up for a free business consultation to find out how One2One Coaching will help you get there!

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