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Which Real Estate Client Appreciation Event Works For You?

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Even during these uncertain times, the strongest real estate marketing strategies are always looking to prioritize connection with clients. Of course, the ways that we connect have definitely changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the reasons for wanting to strengthen client relationships are as solid as ever.

If you’re looking for an effective and fun way to establish a genuine connection with your top relationships, try hosting a virtual or socially-distanced client appreciation event! These events are a great way to say thanks to those top clients who are always sending you high-quality referrals. They’re also tons of fun for the host and attendees!

Prioritize those relationships who have referred you consistently — the people you love to work with — and throw them a modified client appreciation party.

Virtual and “Drive-Up” Client Party Ideas  

Treat these like you would an in-person party — make a budget if needed, create invitations, give people plenty of notice and bring the fun even from afar. Make sure you have a group video conferencing platform accessible for guests if your party is virtual. If you’re doing a drive-up event, ensure that you have thoroughly complied with local safety guidelines as you prepare and distribute the gifts. Use these examples to get you started this season:

  • “Back-to-School” Gift Basket Giveaway — Invite your clients to drive up to your place and collect a basket filled with back-to-school goodies for the kids — and maybe a treat for the parents as well!
  • Cybersecurity Training — Everyone could use a little help keeping their digital data secure. Find an IT pro in your network, and invite them to do a virtual training via video conference for your best clients.
  • Virtual Pumpkin Carving Party — Safely drop off the supplies they need the day before, including the pumpkin. Guide them via video conference to create a masterpiece.
  • Drive-Up Pie Party — Purchase pies from Costco or your local bakery to distribute to your clients, so they’ll have a dessert for Thanksgiving covered.
  • Gift Wrapping Workshop – Are you a gift basket or wrapping pro? Teach your top clients how to wrap the perfect gift through your favorite group video conferencing platform!

It doesn’t matter which party you choose, as long as you commit to doing everything you can to appreciate and connect with your best clients during these unprecedented times. Check out some more socially distanced and virtual real estate client party ideas and incorporate them into your real estate marketing strategy for a unique approach that clients will love!

For more guidance on how to strengthen relationships with your database, check out real estate coaching from Buffini & Company. In Buffini & Company One2One Coaching, you work with your very own real estate coach to plan business and marketing strategies that allow you to run your business by referral while also boosting profits.

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