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Do you think of yourself as a Champion? Do you really think you have what it takes to always be a champion deep down inside of you? One of my favorite people on this earth and a great mentor Coach Lou Holtz says that, “Winning is NEVER accidental. All successful Coaches and players have at least one thing in common: a strong game plan.” He goes on to say that to achieve greatness you need resolve and discipline and a strategy that will take you wherever you want to go.

So let me ask you this-do you have a strong game plan for success? Are you better prepared with a laser-like focus on your clearly defined goals? Do you have consistent work and life habits? Are you fearless in making the sacrifices required to raise your game to the next level?

If you listen to any successful people like Darren Hardy you will quickly find out that everything that happens to us is a result of the everyday choices that we make. When you put your game face on and get into that winning frame of mind that is the moment when you become the unstoppable force and the true Champion that you were created to be. So what’s holding you back? The only person who can change you is yourself: make it happen!

One of the more practical ways to get this started is to create a winning atmosphere right where you are and be determined to win. If you’re going to compete to be the best version of yourself, you’ve got to compete with enthusiasm or you may as well take your ball and go home! So what does your environment say about you? I love to hear when my clients have motivational and inspiring things up on their walls such as a Successories picture of an eagle flying just above the water that says, “Leaders: Leadership is action, not position” along with other winning things like “5 ways to think like a Champion” by Jon Gordon.

I believe that I personally Coach the team with the best attitudes and best hearts for truly serving others in both the U.S. and Canada. There’s a winning, inclusive attitude on this very special and unique team full of people who want to share their successes and really grow together. This didn’t happen by accident as it’s taken me 14 years to create and develop such a group of all-stars. And guess what? You can do the exact same thing with your database! Just be patient with the process, keep the good ones, and remember that you don’t have to be the jackass whisperer—reintroduce the “extra grace required” ones back into the marketplace and you will find yourself looking back and smiling at the wise, discerning choices that you’ve made to develop your winning team. As Mr. Brian Buffini himself says, “Look for good people with challenges, not challenging people!”

Winning starts with passion. Great leaders possess a passion for their causes. If you aren’t really “hungry” for something like the great Les Brown states, it probably isn’t going to happen and you’re not going to lead it very well. On the flip side when you find true passion it becomes infectious and contagious to everyone around you and they will be saying, “I’ll have what she’s having” like that famous scene in the classic “When Harry met Sally” movie.

Lastly, stop allowing setbacks and adversities more power than they should have in your life. Of course not every day is going to be the best day ever for any of us but keep getting back up like Scott Hamilton did in the ice rink and asking yourself why you will win in business and life the next day and in the long run. Why are you willing to lose some battles with your mistakes and failures but ultimately win the war? What are the sacrifices and shifts that I must make to get back on the winning path? What do I need to stop doing and what do I need to start doing? As that wise man Lou Holtz says, “WIN stands for ‘What’s Important Now’” and “NOW stands for ‘No Other Way!’”

Let’s get after it, boys and girls! We are all works in progress, but we are also all Champions in the making!

Be blessed,

Coach D


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