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Client Appreciation Events and Activities: Social Distance Style

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COVID-19 may have cancelled your annual client appreciation summer block party blowout, but you can still host appreciation events and activities for your clients in ways that prioritize health and safety.

Why Client Appreciation Matters 

Working by Referral is all about building relationships and thanking those who have consistently supported your business by referring you multiple times. The coronavirus pandemic may have slowed the market, but that doesn’t mean your A+ clients have stopped thinking about you. By showing clients gratitude even in these uncertain times, you demonstrate strong and unwavering character. Your clients know that you are there for them in more than just a real estate capacity — you prove that you value them as individuals, and that you’d like to brighten up their stay-at-home experience.

Real Estate Client Appreciation Ideas

If you’ve been stumped on how to appreciate your clients without gathering them all together, check out some of these ideas. Remember to always adhere to your local health and safety guidelines when appreciating your top clients!*

  • Reverse “Drop-By” Party — Typically, a reverse Pop-By party is when clients come to you for a party and a giveaway. Even though you can’t have folks mingling at a party right now, you can have clients come to you for an appreciation gift. Set up a table in your front yard and invite your top clients to “drop by” for a small gift. Consider giving out a barbeque kit, fixings for an ice cream sundae, summer fun bundle (sunscreen, backyard games, etc.), or anything else that can help liven up your clients’ quarantine experiences as the weather gets warmer. Set a block of time in which people can drop by, and have them roll up one by one for their goodies. This makes it easy to keep things clean, fun and socially distanced!
  • A Workshop For Dad — With Father’s Day right around the corner, consider inviting the A+ dads in your database to an online workshop. Perhaps you link up with your trusted contractor for a class on common DIY home improvement projects, or you get your favorite cook to lead a session on grilling to perfection. Host the class via Zoom or another group video conferencing platform and invite your top-referring families to attend. Don’t forget to follow up with a personal note and perhaps a small thank you gift related to the workshop!
  • Graduation Basket Delivery — Chances are some of your favorite clients have a high school or college senior in their household. Put together a graduation gift basket and deliver it to the families! You can leave it on the doorstep and congratulate the grad from a safe social distance. This is a nice way to celebrate your clients’ family members while also showing your appreciation for their business.
  • Personalized Gratitude Video Message — While this idea isn’t as extravagant, the meaning behind it will go a long way. Take some time to explain what you admire about your clients and why in a short video. It may be something about their character, reflection on a conversation you’ve shared on a recent check-in call or a moment that stands out to you from your time working together. Email the video to your client through your real estate CRM — oh by the way, Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM has a video sharing feature that makes this easy and convenient. As always, follow up with a personal note. This small gesture goes a long way, and will make someone’s day!

The coronavirus pandemic may have put a lot of things on pause, but it doesn’t have to pause your client appreciation efforts! Not only does expressing gratitude feel great, but it’s also one of the best real estate lead generation strategies out there. Continue to show appreciation for your clients — especially during tough times — and they will remember these actions when things get back to normal.

For more real estate marketing ideas, tips and tools to navigate your business through the new normal, check out Buffini & Company Referral Maker PRO marketing kit. Sign up for a free business consultation to see how this program will impact your business!

*The information provided here is general in nature and may not pertain to the specific situation in your geographic location or to your specific situation. Please consult all relevant government agencies with jurisdiction over your area as well as, where appropriate, your professional advisors, including health care professionals, to enable you to make an independent determination of any specific course of conduct that you should implement.

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