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Conversation Starters to Re-Energize Your Real Estate Lead Generation

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When you Work by Referral, real estate lead generation and relationship building are essentially the same thing. By investing in current relationships, you’re able to unlock whole new world of potential referrals and fresh business — and because these leads come from people you already know, they are often great people to work with.

Yet after spending so much time with limited social interaction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even the most relational real estate agent may feel a bit rusty these days when it comes to “getting back out there.”

It’s probably been a while since you’ve attended a barbeque with friends, brought someone out for coffee or talked to people outside of your group at a restaurant. You want to be able to make a connection with these folks, but knowing what to say can be tricky!

Fortunately, we have you covered. Here are a few topics conversation starters that will help you connect with people you meet, build a lasting relationship and eventually earn some referrals.

  • Favorite New Hobby — Did this person pick up a hobby during the pandemic? Something they never thought they’d do? Share yours as well! If it’s a hobby that can be done with another person, see if they’d be interested in joining you sometime.
  • Great Podcasts — Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Chances are that person has one they’d love to tell you about. Do a pod swap where you talk about what you’ve been listening to. “The Brian Buffin Show” is a great recommendation for people! Get their email or phone number to send episodes of your favorite shows back and forth.
  • Summer Reading — Are you reading a great book that you can’t put down? Talk to people about it! Find out what they’re interested in as well, and if your tastes are similar, connect to share book recommendations in the future!
  • Kids Activities — Check in to see how their youngsters are doing. How is Susie’s new school? Is Timmy still taking piano lessons? Does Julie still take ballet classes? For newer folks, talk about how their kids adjusted to school online, whether they kept up with sports, etc. If your kids have similar interests, consider arranging a play date.
  • Home Improvement – What updates have people been making to their homes? Did this person recently renovate the bathroom or redo the backyard? Talk about the latest trends in home design and what renovations are getting sellers top dollar. This is a great chance to refer your trusted contractor.
  • The Real Estate Market — The market is crazy right now, and everybody knows it. Tell people what you do, and then casually talk to them about the real estate market in your area. Everyone likes to dream about what their home might be worth in these hot conditions. This conversation may be the push they need to buy or sell! Offer to follow up with some more detailed market information.
  • Client Appreciation Program — Explain briefly how you work, and that you like to send your clients monthly value-add marketing pieces on a variety of topics. Make sure to tell them about the Pop-Bys and client parties too. If the person is interested, get their address so you can mail them the monthly flyers.

When you keep these topics in your back pocket, you’ll walk away from any social setting with a new relationship for your database. No matter what you talk about, be sure to mention that you are in real estate, and always get some contact information from that person to input into your real estate CRM!

Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM is a great option for agents looking to nurture relationships long-term. The program lets you add details like hobbies and birthdays to each contact, so you always know exactly what to say in that follow up call or personal note. It also tracks your communications with these new leads to help you build a relationship that creates a customer for life.

Learn more about Referral Maker CRM and how it can help your business!

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