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Inspirational Speakers: Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of The Brian Buffini Show

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We could all use a weekly dose of motivational strategies. With new episodes every Tuesday, It’s a Good Life podcast brings you interviews with business leaders and original content from show host and industry influencer, Brian Buffini. The goal? To help you get inspired, whether you’re starting a small business or learning how to be an entrepreneur.

Because It’s a Good Life just hit more than 5 million downloads worldwide, gaining 1 million of those downloads in just four months, we wanted to take some time to share some of our listeners’ favorite episodes over the past six months.

  1. Five for Fighting – an Interview with John Ondrasik #142 – Better known as Five for Fighting, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Ondrasik is the artist behind megahits like “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” and “100 Years.” He’s also a successful entrepreneur, operating as the fourth-generation of his family’s wire manufacturing business. You’ll come out of this episode with a new approach to rejection and a different perspective on the role creativity can play in your life.
  1. How I Lost 30 Pounds and How You Can Too – an interview with Angelo Poli #135 – This episode was released on New Year’s Day, just as many of us were forming those New Year’s Resolutions – several of which inevitably surround our health! Buffini & Company CEO Dermot Buffini interviews Angelo Poli, nutrition and fitness expert and founder of weight-loss engine MetPro, on his innovative approach to health and wellness. This episode will inspire you to change your habits, improve your health and increase your productivity as a result.
  1. Feel Better Fast and Make It Last – an Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen #127 – A healthy brain is pretty important, wouldn’t you agree? New York Times best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen is a nationally acclaimed psychiatrist who helps people improve brain health with several practical action steps, like exercising, eating right and constantly learning. Brian Buffini interviews Dr. Amen on ways that we can boost our brain power to become more successful business leaders.
  1. Finish First – an Interview with Scott Hamilton #125 – If you’ve never heard Olympian Scott Hamilton’s story, you have to check this out. He’s an Olympic champion figure skater, a best-selling author, a broadcaster, a family man – and he’s survived multiple bouts of brain cancer. His inspirational story will leave you with a new outlook on what it means to “finish first” after experiencing failure.
  1. Getting on the Same Page – a Q&A with Brian and Beverly #139 – Meet Mrs. Beverly Buffini. Beverly competed with the USA women’s volleyball team in the 1988 Olympics, and her philosophy of “I can, I will, I believe,” has inspired people all over the world for decades. She’s also the bride of Brian Buffini, and the mother of their six children. In this episode, Brian and Beverly share what it means to balance family, marriage and business while still living the good life. Full of inspirational quotes, wisdom and advice, this is one you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

No matter which episode you start with, It’s a Good Life can help you get on track to become a more successful, creative and inspired leader.  Start listening to It’s a Good Life today!

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