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For many of us, it seems like we all have so much to do and not enough time to do it. But if you analyzed what you spent your time on each week, you’d likely be shocked.

The same 168 hours a week

We all have the same amount of time — 168 hours a week. When it comes to your success as a real estate agent, it’s not what you do in those hours that matters. Rather, it’s that you do the right things.

Dermot Buffini, the CEO of Buffini & Company, believes that’s why you should emphasize priority management over time management.

“If you don’t have control of your calendar, then you don’t have control of your business,” he notes.  “We are either wasting time or we are not on ‘purpose’ time.”

Priority Management vs. Time Management

Although the two terms may seem similar, they are actually quite different.

Time management focuses on allocating time slots to tasks and activities, aiming to maximize efficiency and productivity within those time constraints. It’s about planning, scheduling and organizing one’s day to make the most of the available time.

Priority management revolves around identifying and focusing on the most important tasks and goals. It involves discerning between what’s urgent and what’s essential, allocating resources (including time) accordingly and ensuring that efforts are aligned with overarching objectives.

For real estate agents, at the top of every priority list should be lead generation, according to Brian Buffini , the founder and chairman of Buffini & Company. It’s critical that everything you do works towards creating a strong, healthy pipeline of leads that will help generate future deals and more income.   

4 Keys to Priority Management

  1. Do a time audit — Find out what you are spending your time on each day. Commit to documenting everything you do over the course of the week. Get a small notebook, use a spreadsheet or use a time-tracking app such as Toggl Track or Timely.  Be very honest with yourself and you’ll see exactly where and how your time is spent.
  2. Delegate — Who can do some of these tasks that are taking you away from your lead generation? Perhaps that is someone already in your office. Or you may need to outsource certain tasks, such as hiring a virtual assistant or having a full-service marketing company take care of your mailings.
  3. Use a real estate customer relationship management (CRM) system — A great CRM helps you manage your database efficiently so you can manage your contacts and leads. It helps you stay on task by creating to-do lists, calendars and sends you important reminders of what to do when you need to do it.  
  4. Get support — A real estate coach is an invaluable resource when it comes to prioritizing your time. They can help you review your time audit and clarify where your energy peaks and is the most productive. A coach can identify where you are ineffective with your time while offering solutions on how to remedy that. They can also help you reduce burnout and stress by helping you plan time with family and friends as well as self-care.

Working with an experienced Buffini & Company real estate coach will help you prioritize your time more efficiently, helping you get more referrals, more sales, more income and more time off. Sign up for a free Business Consultation today. We’ve got you!

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