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Real Estate Coaching Tips: Celebrate 2020, Plan 2021

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Had a tough year? You’re not alone! The COVID-19 pandemic forced many professionals to re-evaluate and revisit their systems to adapt to this changing world.

Although it may feel like you stood still for a year, the reality is, you probably accomplished a lot more than you think!

The real estate coaches at Buffini & Company have been helping their clients wrap up this year by focusing on what they did achieve. This year was filled with challenges, hardship and plenty of bumps in the road, but in order to move forward, Buffini & Company real estate coaching clients are recognizing the best moments and making a plan for the new year.

Rachelle Gordon, a Buffini & Company Certified Coach, says it is important to acknowledge any and all success in 2020.

“It is so easy to move on fast from success and not relish in the achievements, big or small,” says Coach Rachelle. “We will always have time for improvement, but this was such a wild year, and everyone should be so proud of getting through it.”

As you take time to reflect on your achievements, Coach Mimi Throckmorton with Buffini & Company recommends a visual aid.

“Look through your pictures from the year, and you’ll remember so many forgotten moments!” she says.

Coach Mimi also advises those who have felt stagnant this year to sit down and really think about what they have achieved in the Five Circles of life: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal.

“Write out your accomplishments for each circle — the coaching business plan has this written in to ensure we look back and celebrate even the little things,” Coach Mimi explains.

If you’ve been counting down the days until January 1, 2021, so you can begin your fresh start, Buffini & Company real estate coach Michael Heater says it’s okay to slow down. A new beginning will be more effective when you’re actually ready for it, he explains.

“Pick a date and time for your chest to cross the finish line that works for you,” Coach Michael says. “You don’t  have to finish the year at 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, and then immediately begin the next. If you choose to serve anyone in any capacity during this time, it must be out of abundance and ability, not obligation.”

To help you ease into the new year, Coach Michael suggests making your 2021 success plan front and center, so you “can’t help but almost trip over it everyday.” He suggests setting up a whiteboard, placing sticky notes on the wall, carrying a notebook or anything else that allows you to constantly reference your business goals for the new year.

The same thing goes for your 2021 real estate marketing plan — Coach Michael advises clients to create it now for success later!

“You are allowed to make a few changes once you get to each month as needed or dictated by life and business circumstance, but going into your year with a plan will bring you increased confidence and peace of mind,” he says.    

As much as we’d all love for the coronavirus pandemic to disappear in 2021, the “new normal” will be sticking around for at least the foreseeable future. This means continuing with heightened safety protocols at showings, settlements and other appointments, and prolonging our work from home regiment. Coach Keith Fournier at Buffini & Company has a few tips for maintaining a successful home office now and into the new year.

“Get up and get ready as though you physically have to go into work, taking a lunch break at the same time and ending your work day at the same time,” Coach Keith says. “Our kids, spouse, neighbors and others can also easily pull our focus from our business, so set up boundaries to avoid potential distractions.” 

When you wrap up and reflect on 2020, remember to give yourself a little grace! There is no urgent need to fly across the finish line at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Use these real estate coaching tips to remember the beautiful moments of this year and to take stock of your accomplishments in all Five Circles.

To help you plan a successful 2021 real estate business plan, lean into a real estate coach! Buffini & Company One2One Coaching will help you keep your business strong in any market. Sign up for a free business consultation to see what One2One Coaching can do for you!

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