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There are many components to being a successful real estate agent. A strong skillset, ongoing education, a willingness to work hard and be flexible are all important. There is one other crucial element that can propel your career over the top — having an experienced real estate coach who holds you accountable.

It’s human nature to sometimes let it slide when things are too easy or conversely, too tough. For real estate agents, this is especially true. When the market was booming and houses almost sold themselves, agents did not need to rely on sharp skills. And now that the market is tightening up yet again, many agents are left foundering and wondering what to do next. It can be easy to want to give up.

Working with a real estate coach can really make a significant difference in your business. Just as in sports, the coach is there on the sidelines, giving you strategic advice and ensuring that you stick to a well-constructed plan. They offer support but hold you accountable at every step, not letting you get away with excuses and procrastination.

Many Buffini & Company clients say working with a coach, either in One2One Coaching™ or Leadership Coaching™, has made a significant, positive impact.  

“When I first came across Buffini & Company, not having a coach was not an option for me. I knew that I would be able to get the framework, the foundation to truly build a strong business and to have accountability,” Jessica Michalke said. “My coach really has provided all of that and also helped me to stay motivated through the process.”

Terence Barnes runs a team with his business partner, Josh Hill. Not only has their coach helped the team overall, but it also helped the two men become stronger leaders.

 “He’s been able to help them really set goals and not just set them but say ‘Here are the steps you’re going to do,’” Barnes said.

“He tells them not only how to achieve them but holds them accountable which has been really, really awesome to see and given us a little bit relief when we’re trying to do our jobs. It’s been hugely helpful for that.”

Buffini coaches have an uncanny ability to get to the heart of why a client is stuck and discouraged. They realize what is happening in a client’s home life often affects their business life. The coach helps the client work through that block and strategizes with them on timely action steps, which includes reporting back to the coach.

Working with a coach has given me the structure and accountability that I thought I had before I started coaching,” Frank DeBernardo said.

Kristen Graziano noted working with a coach has been “really beneficial” for her entire team.

“Having our coach has been amazing. She is so good at holding us accountable. She’s very sweet about it, but she’s also very firm about it,” Kristen Graziano said of her team’s coach.”

“At the end of each call, she’s asking, ‘Over the next month, what are you going to do?’ It’s not her telling us. It’s us telling her. Then she holds us accountable for what we said we would do,” she added.

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