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Three Steps to Recharge Your Momentum

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At the start of a new year, we are inspired and enthusiastic as we set ambitious goals. We have the best of intentions but by the time the first quarter of the year ends, all too often those goals have been abandoned.

That does not have to stop us from trying again now though, according to Buffini & Company’s Vice President of Coaching Dave McGhee. He believes that by understanding the philosophy behind the three steps listed below you can recharge your momentum and get motivated for the second quarter of 2023.

Step 1: Understand Why Most People Fail to Reach Their Goals  

There are no unrealistic goals, McGhee said, but there are unrealistic expectations.

McGhee likens it to a “two-cliffs” scenario. Think of it as you are on one cliff and your goals are on the other. To reach that second cliff you often must go through the “valley of despair.”

“You’re excited about what you want to accomplish, but you haven’t yet been confronted with the reality of the obstacles that might get in the way,” he said. “So you start to get a little pessimistic.”

The key, he stressed, is to not let those obstacles stop you. Keep pushing ahead and once you start achieving some success, it will give you the impetus and encouragement not to give up.

McGhee added that many are “are hyper focused on the goal instead of being hyper focused on the progress.”

Take the time, he stressed, “to look back and see just how far you have come.”

Step 2: Set Big Goals but Take Small Steps

“Many people we see are setting small goals that don’t excite them and so there’s no pull towards the outcome, so the steps seem like a lot of work,” McGhee said.

It’s important to have “a big goal that inspires you, excites you, scares you and that you don’t know how you will achieve it,” he added. The goals should also be “ideal” — worthy of your time and energy. 

Conversely, others do set big goals, but they try to achieve them with “giant” steps. That can lead to a lack of measurable progress or momentum.

Long-term vision is important but setting smaller goals on the way to achieving a big one is important, McGhee said. At Buffini & Company clients are encouraged to set goals for 10 days, 10 months and 5 years. The success they find in achieving smaller goals leads to confidence in other areas where they may be facing a challenge.     

“Be present in the moment,” McGhee encouraged. “Focus on the process and not the outcome — that will lead you to reaching your goals.”

Step 3: Reflect, Reassess and Recommit

McGhee recommends for those that are feeling unsure of what to do next is to stop and “reflect right now on where you are in your business, in your personal life, with your family and financially.”

He suggested listening to two episodes of Brian Buffini’s “It’s a Good Life” podcasts (Season 2, Episode 102 and Season 2 Episode 103) to help reinvigorate that process.

It’s also vital that you reassess your goals, McGhee said, even if it leads to you changing them.

“Are your goals compelling enough or motivating enough?” he said. “Do you have a goal that’s really your goal or is it someone else’s goal? Is it something that scares you and excites you and pulls you forward?”

Lastly, the most important thing was to recommit to your efforts every day, he said.

“Put the big goal out there and focus on the process and detach from the outcome. You’re almost guaranteed to get to where you want to go,” he added.

To learn more about how a coach can help you reach the goals that matter to you, grow your business and make more money, even in a shifting market, visit www.buffini.com/bc.

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